Shame on you, United Airlines

United Airlines

In a horrifying story, United Airlines last night (Sunday, April 9, 2017) had the Chicago police violently remove a passenger from a flight because United wanted his seat for some United employees.

The man, reportedly a doctor returning to a hospital where he had to see a patient the next day, had paid for his ticket and was sitting in the right seat. United simply decided at the last minute that they wanted the man's seat instead.

Understandably, the man was ticked. So United called the Chicago police, who violently dragged the man out of the plane. At one point, the cops dropped him, he hit his head on an arm rest, and what happened next shocked everyone. The cops dragged the man's limp body from the airplane.

But it gets worse. The man, with blood streaming down his face, got back on the plane and sounded as if he was begging passengers to kill him.

United tried to downplay the incident, and blame it on the Chicago police. While the Chicago cops tried to blame the passenger -- "he fell," the police are now claiming. The video says otherwise.

Then, the day after the incident, United's CEO Oscar Munoz has sent a letter to United employees in which he blames the passenger for the assault, and praises his staff's behavior. Unbelievable.

On Tuesday, United finally issued a real apology, after realizing its two days of blaming the victim was getting it nowhere. But then on Thursday, United reneged on its promise to reimburse the cost of the trip to the rest of the passengers on that flight, saying that no one will get a dime unless they sign away their right to sue United.

This passenger was assaulted by United Airlines and the Chicago Police Department. And their increasingly calloused treatment of this entire incident is beyond offensive, and a warning to every future United passenger.

Please add your name to those expressing their outrage to United Airlines, and calling on United to make this right with that poor man, and to change its policies to ensure this never happens again.

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United's treatment of this passenger was assault. And your treatment of this entire incident is offensive. Fix this now.