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Elizabeth Warren


Elizabeth Warren has laid out her economic agenda for this year. Stand with us in supporting her fight for the middle class.

Raising wages and incomes for working people:

  • Raising the minimum wage so that no one who works full-time will live in poverty
  • Strengthening and enforcing labor law to make it easier for workers to organize and have bargaining power
  • Better overtime pay rules
  • Equal pay for equal work for women

Creating more jobs:

  • Making investments in roads, bridges, power grids, education, and research
  • Crafting trade policies that will raise wages and create new manufacturing jobs, rather than the opposite results we have seen because of trade deals like NAFTA

Protecting the economic health and dignity of retirement

  • Protecting Social Security and Medicare, adding to Social Security benefits, and changing federal policy to better protect and encourage pensions

Making sure that Wall Street has less power to manipulate the economy and our political system, and that regular people have less debt:

  • More cops on the beat watching over the big banks, so that consumers and the economy as a whole are better protected from financial speculation and fraud.
  • Breaking up the biggest banks to lessen their market and political power
  • Reducing the level of student debt

Bringing in additional tax revenue in a fair way:

  • Closing corporate tax loopholes, especially those that subsidize dirty energy companies like Big Oil
  • Raising tax rates on the wealthiest Americans
  • Creating a financial transaction tax so that speculative trading is dis-incentivized
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