Rutgers Must Respect Postdocs and Union Negotiations

President Holloway and Board of Governors Chairman Angelson

Petitioning: President Jonathan Holloway and Board of Governors Chairman Mark Angelson

Please sign this petition to show your support for your postdoc colleagues and their fight to win a new contract after long delays.

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New Brunswick, NJ

To: President Holloway and Board of Governors Chairman Angelson
From: [Your Name]

Whereas, collective bargaining with postdoctoral associates at Rutgers has typically concluded months, if not years, beyond the expiration of the previous contract; and

Whereas, nearly all other contracts held by the university that are not collectively bargained are respected and prioritized to be settled or renewed on time; and

Whereas, Rutgers union members have dedicated their careers to the university, the state of New Jersey and our students, patients, and research; and

Whereas, union members should be able to predictably forecast their income and expenses in a high-cost-of-living region; and

Whereas, postdocs have gone years without contractual raises despite increased costs of living, while other unions receive the raises in their contracts; and

Whereas, the process of collective bargaining should not leave union members feeling disadvantaged and abused given the slow pace of negotiations and the high cost of living; and

Whereas, over 600 Rutgers postdocs conducting critical research have been working under an expired contract for nearly two years;

Therefore, be it resolved, that we demand that Rutgers immediately conclude postdoc negotiations and all other unresolved negotiations with union-represented employees; and

Be it further resolved, that all future union negotiations be concluded on time before the current agreements expire.

We, the undersigned, support these demands and call on President Holloway and the Board of Governors to follow these directives.