Sign and Send a Comment Supporting the SEC New Protections for Investors against Wall Street Private Equity!

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) took a giant step forward in protecting pension funds and other investors from the shady behavior of Wall Street private equity.

Put simply, the idea is to make Wall Street firms produce easy-to-understand numbers on their fees and performance so that pension funds can shop around for the best deal. It’s kinda like the way a nutrition label lets people figure out how to eat healthy.

Wall Street lobbyists are already trying to water down the SEC’s work.

We can beat them as long as the SEC knows where the American people stand. Please join thousands of people in our nationwide movement by submitting our prepared comment to the SEC in fighting the misleading and dangerous practices of the private equity industry now!

To: Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
From: [Your Name]

Misleading information about costs and inflated returns allows private equity funds to siphon hundreds of billions of hard-earned dollars from retirees and use them to undermine the livelihood and well-being of workers and their communities.

Put simply, Wall Street has figured out how to use money saved by current and future retirees to supercharge a business model that makes executives rich but destroys once-thriving companies.

Thank you for your recent proposal (File Number S7-03-22) to regulate private equity industry practices covering these critical areas of needed reform:

- Promoting greater transparency around the fees and expenses that investors pay, and opening the way to standardization of reporting, so that investors protect their returns from being captured by hidden costs

- Developing more transparent and comparable performance figures that would assist investors in making decisions about how to allocate capital

- Disclosing and prohibiting preferential treatment of some fund investors that leave others with the short end of the stick,Restricting waivers, including prohibiting waivers when appropriate, that free private fund managers from fiduciary duties and conflicts of interest

These proposals are a vital step forward for protecting investors from the misleading and dangerous practices of the private equity industry.