Sign if you agree: End Trump’s Muslim Ban and guarantee immigrants equal treatment under the law

U.S. Congress

Over three years ago, President Trump initiated a Muslim Ban targeting immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries based on their religion or religious heritage. In February, Trump expanded this ban to include six additional countries, four of which are African countries, bringing the total to 13 banned countries.

The Muslim Ban has a devastating impact on everyday Americans. It cruelly separates tens of thousands of American families, fuels anti-Muslim and racist violence, hurts our economy, and violates our country’s core principles of religious freedom and equal treatment under the law. There is no evidence that banning babies and grandmothers makes us safer.

Congress has the power to stop this injustice once and for all.

The NO BAN Act (H.R. 2214) will end Trump’s Muslim Ban and and ensure that no future president can abuse their authority and ban people for discriminatory purposes. The bill has over 110 Co-Sponsors in the House and is supported by over 400 civil rights, faith, national security, and community groups. And with Congress voting on the NO BAN Act very soon, this important legislation must pass.

Sign now if you agree that no American family should be torn apart because of Trump’s bigotry.

Participating Organizations:
Bend the Arc Jewish Action
Black Alliance for Just Immigration
Daily Kos
Franciscan Action Network
Interfaith Alliance
Muslim Advocates
People for the American Way
Poligon Education Fund

Supporting Organizations:
Church World Service

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Pass the NO BAN Act to end the Muslim Ban. Protect religious freedom and equal treatment for all Americans – without any exceptions.