SIGN NOW: Demand a Social Security cost-of-living adjustment that reflects the real costs that we face

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The current stingy COLA formula means that Social Security benefits are gradually eroding over time, since they are rising more slowly than inflation. The erosion of these benefits makes it harder for seniors and Americans with disabilities to get food, medicines, and other necessities—especially at a time when one-third of the average Social Security check is already going toward out-of-pocket medical expenses.

The Social Security 2100 Act would update the formula used to calculate COLAs to reflect the real expenses that Social Security beneficiaries face.

Sign the petition and tell Congress to pass the Social Security 2100 Act and give Social Security beneficiaries a real cost-of-living adjustment!

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In 2020, Social Security Benefits will see a 1.6% increase—amounting to an average $24 per month boost. But with Medicare Part B premiums increasing by $9.10 each month, this only amounts to a measly $15 increase for most Social Security recipients. We need a cost-of-living increase that reflects the real expenses that Social Security beneficiaries face. It’s time for Congress to pass the “Social Security 2100 Act” to expand benefits for millions of Americans and to fix the formula used to calculate COLAs.