Sign now: Demand Congress rein in drug prices, not reward the greedy Pharma Big 10

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A new report by Americans for Tax Fairness highlights how Big Pharma has price gouged the American people while stashing $500 billion in untaxed profits offshore. And under the Trump tax scam, they will get a tax cut of about $80 BILLION on their offshore profits.

Sign the petition today and demand that Congress reject a tax plan that rewards drug companies that rip-off seniors and working families.

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Between 2011 and 2015, the country’s 10 biggest drug companies raised the prices charged to consumers, Medicare and Medicaid, for 31 of their most widely-prescribed drugs by an average of 40% to 70%. During that same time, their untaxed offshore profits soared by two-thirds to $500 billion. The tax bills now before Congress will give drug companies a huge $80 billion tax cut on those offshore profits. That’s wrong! Instead of handing the nation's biggest drug companies a massive tax break, Congress should rein in drug prices and make sure drug companies pay their fair share of taxes.