SIGN NOW: End the Electoral College!

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The National Popular Vote Compact is a proposal that would, if passed by state governments representing 270 electoral votes, award the presidency to the winner of the national popular vote. It’s more than halfway there―so we need to show widespread support to ensure someone like Donald Trump is never elected president again.

Trump is in the White House today because of a fluke―80,000 votes scattered across three winner-take-all states gave him the Electoral College margin that made him president.

The fact is, Republicans have won the popular vote for president once in the last 30 years (in 2004). We should already be living in a Blue Future―but the Electoral College made it so that there has been a Republican in the White House as often as not, and they’ve stacked the Supreme Court with right-wing judges who we'll be fighting for decades to come.

The electoral college is in our constitution. But we don’t need a constitutional amendment to end its corrosive effects on our elections.

TELL STATE LEGISLATURES: You have the power to end the Electoral College. Use it and pass the National Popular Vote Compact!

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Adopt the National Popular Vote interstate compact and end the Electoral College!