SIGN NOW: Every 2020 candidate should back Medicare for All!

2020 Democrats

Elizabeth Warren just released the details of her Medicare for All financing plan.

Instead of retreating in the face of the media’s “gotcha” questions, she’s establishing a moral framework to combat inequality and ensure world class health care for every American.

Here’s the facts: Medicare for All doesn’t cost money. It saves money by eliminating the for-profit waste in the insurance system. Warren’s proposal ensures that the savings go to working families and seniors.

Now that the “how will you pay for it” distraction has been settled, there’s no excuse for Democrats to keep propping up the broken corporate insurance industry. Every 2020 Democrat should follow Sen. Warren’s lead and embrace Medicare for All!

No matter who you support in the primary, we should all share the goals of improving care and fighting inequality.

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s bold plan to build a Medicare for All system will ensure that every American gets the high quality health care they deserve while combating runaway inequality. This is a framework that advances the stated goals of every 2020 Democratic candidate. Embrace Medicare for All!