[SIGN] Stop the Willow Project from destroying the Arctic!

U.S. Department of the Interior

The Willow Project will be devastating for all those that call the Arctic home. The noise, traffic, and pollution the project brings will disrupt ecosystems that Indigenous Alaskans have relied on for millennia. And the project threatens the already vulnerable caribou population — a vital resource many native communities rely on.

The Arctic is already warming TWICE AS FAST as the rest of the U.S. Alaska cannot afford more drilling projects. But the only way we can stop this is if 189 more environmentalists like you sign our petition before it’s too late.

Please, sign Friend of the Earth's petition before midnight tonight and keep Big Oil out of the Arctic!

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I urge the BLM to stop the ConocoPhillips’ proposed Willow Master Development Plan before it can cause irreparable harm to vital Indigenous communities and habitats in Alaska. President Biden campaigned on “following the science” and tackling the climate crisis and moving forward with this project will make it impossible to meet those climate goals. Action must be taken to prevent the destruction of this already warming region.

The sensitive Teshekpuk Lake region has been vital for Indigenous Alaskans for thousands of years. The project would harm the ecosystem they depend on for nourishment and cultural activities. Oil and gas development and the climate impacts it causes threaten the caribou population, risking a vital resource that many Indigenous peoples rely on.

The region also provides critical habitats for polar bears and nesting grounds for millions of migratory birds. The delicate ecosystem is a perfect example of a place that should be off-limits to oil drilling and industrial development. An accurate environmental impact review would analyze and show the significance of greenhouse gas emissions, cumulative impacts to public health and wildlife, and reasonable alternatives to the proposed project.

Warming twice as fast as the United States average, Alaska is already reeling from climate change. Willow will produce nearly 250 million metric tons of CO2 over the next 30 years -- increasing emissions while putting the local region at risk of a spill.

Thank you for considering my opinion to stop the Willow Project and put people and the planet ahead of ConocoPhillips and other Big Oil polluters.