Sign & Thank Peggy Young for Standing Up to UPS!

Peggy Young


Women should not have to worry about losing their jobs just because they become pregnant. But that’s the reality for Teamsters and other women workers.

A UPS driver, Peggy was denied temporary light duty and forced to take unpaid leave when her doctor put her on a temporary twenty-pound lifting restriction until after she gave birth.

Peggy knew this was wrong. Sign this petition and thank her for standing up to UPS. Look at the difference her actions have made.

The Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments in Peggy Young v. UPS.

The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act has been introduced in Congress, a bill that will protect the right of pregnant workers to keep their jobs and support their families.

And UPS has changed its policy and will offer light duty to employees who have lifting or other restrictions because of pregnancy.

Thank Peggy Young for standing up to UPS and standing up for all workers.  

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To: Peggy Young
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After you got pregnant and your doctor put you on a lifting restriction, UPS forced you to take unpaid leave instead of putting you on temporary light duty.

That’s wrong and you stood up and made a difference. The Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments in your case. The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act has been introduced to Congress. And UPS has changed its policy.

Thank you, Peggy for standing up and making a difference.