Bank Workers, sign your name to the Bank Worker Bill of Rights

US Banking Industry

The finance industry has come to dominate the US and global economy. Finance now boasts a third of total corporate profits here at home. While CEOs and hedge fund managers hand themselves bonuses that could buy small islands, their frontline employees, who advise, support and interact daily with the public, are made to struggle paycheck to paycheck.

The American people saved bank executives from the financial mess they engineered. Yet, these corporate chiefs continue to take our money in the form of tax subsidies. They hold our pensions. They are entrusted with our savings. The money Americans place collectively in banks should secure the well-being and advance the dreams of everyday Americans like you and me. We, the people who help you open your accounts, deposit your checks, select your best savings options and choose the right loans, are the bridge between everyday Americans and the bank CEOs who see you as little more than a dollar sign. We can play a critical role in ensuring fair banking practices and protecting our customers, and we’re raising our voices to make sure we can serve precisely this role.

To: US Banking Industry
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1. In an industry that boasts more than $100 billion in profits, we who actually serve the public should be able to pay our bills, send our kids to college, buy a home, and put money in savings. We deserve a fair share of the profits our work creates.

2. We must eliminate unreasonable sales goals or performance metrics that force us to push unnecessary products on our customers. We are here for our neighbors—for the child who opens his first savings account, for the newlywed couple planning ahead to retirement, for the senior citizen opening a credit card. We want to be honest brokers of your financial security, and that means an end to pressure tactics that only serve to line shareholders’ pockets.

3. We are integral members of our community; the longer we are in our communities, the better we know and serve the people in them. We should have access to full time, stable employment. Nothing can replace face to face attention, especially for something complex and critical as managing money; this cannot be done by operators on the other side of the globe.