Sign the petition: Amazon, Stop powering ICE’s deportation machine

Jeff Bezos

Millions of families and communities are forced to live in fear because of ICE's brutal anti-immigrant deportation machine—which is powered by technology provided by Amazon. Research by Mijente shows that Amazon plays a key role in this crisis by providing the technological backbone for ICE's operations to track, identify, and hunt down immigrants—and by marketing new technologies to further help ICE fulfill Trump’s white nationalist agenda.

Amazon must be held accountable for its role in building ICE's deportation machine and harming immigrant communities. The corporation must immediately end all contracts and support for ICE and DHS.

Sign the petition: Jeff Bezos, stop using Amazon to power ICE.

Amazon is actively working on new ways to bolster ICE's ability to deport immigrants and separate families. When asked at a New York City Council hearing about their relationship with ICE, Amazon's Vice President of Public Policy, Brian Huseman, stated "we think the government should have the best available technology."

Here’s what that tech is being used for: to help ICE track, detain, and deport immigrants. Amazon has lobbied intensely for multi-billion dollar government contracts allowing law enforcement agencies to accumulate and exchange unprecedented amounts of data on individuals. By using Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud technology, DHS is able to store, sort, and share massive amounts of data used to target immigrants.  

But Amazon hasn’t stopped there—they have also developed and pitched facial recognition technology to ICE to further support their deportation efforts. And they’ve continued to market that technology despite evidence of it further wrongly criminalizing Black and brown people.

Family separation is a moral crisis. The deportation of our neighbors is a moral crisis. And Amazon’s tech support for ICE is making these crises worse. We must stop ICE’s war against immigrants by taking away critical tech infrastructure provided by corporations like Amazon.

Sign the petition: Demand Amazon end their contracts and support for ICE and DHS. Stop powering Trump's deportation machine.

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Amazon is responsible for providing the tech to build ICE's deportation machine and harming immigrant communities. We demand you immediately end all contracts and support for ICE and DHS.