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Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, and Amazon Web Services

Amazon stores massive amounts of data “in the cloud.” This storage system requires servers that run on HUGE amounts of energy to operate—and Amazon Web Services servers are some of the largest and dirtiest in the industry.

While other major technology firms have established data centers powered by 100% renewable energy, Amazon continues to power its servers with nearly 50% fossil fuels, adding to the acceleration of the already catastrophic climate crisis.

What’s more, unlike many Fortune 500 companies, Amazon has refused to disclose any information about its energy use and climate impacts to the Carbon Disclosure Project. The company also refuses to produce an annual sustainability report. Amazon is hiding its impacts on the planet from its customers and shareholders!

And if that wasn’t bad enough, Amazon has been shopping its web services to the fossil fuel industry to help oil and gas companies increase their drilling worldwide. Amazon is using its state-of-the art technology to accelerate the drilling and burning of fossil fuels—helping to accelerate climate change.

Amazon is a laggard in the tech sector and only continued pressure will keep the company moving in the right direction and end its involvement in fossil fuel dependency and exploration.

Sign the petition: Amazon must build a cleaner and fairer cloud and company—one that is powered by renewable energy.

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As a concerned consumer, I write to urge to take constructive action to address climate change. Given the dire global implications, I believe it is urgent that every corporation do all it can to measure and reduce its carbon footprint.