Sign the petition: Demand Congress get protective gear to healthcare workers immediately!


Hospitals, nursing homes and caregivers across the country are struggling to obtain medical masks, gloves and gowns, also known as personal protective equipment (PPE).

Without a more robust supply of PPE, the fast-moving coronavirus will continue to pose an unprecedented threat to our healthcare workforce, having already sickened thousands of medical workers.

States and hospitals say they have faced unusual challenges in their scramble to secure PPE — including a strained global supply chain and blockades from the Trump administration itself.

We must demand that Congress step in and ensure all healthcare workers are protected and provided with the PPE they need!

Sens. Tammy Baldwin and Chris Murphy and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer introduced The Medical Supply Transparency and Delivery Act. This bill would create a central, transparent system for procuring and distributing medical supplies during the COVID-19 crisis, and would help resolve a chaotic market where states, local governments, and hospitals are being forced to compete against each other and the federal government for critical supplies.

We must urge Congress to create a transparent, centralized, and equitable system for getting critical medical supplies directly to impacted areas. Our frontline responders are putting their lives on the line during this pandemic — they deserve to be protected.

Sign the petition to Congress: Pass the Medical Supply Transparency and Delivery Act immediately! You are putting our healthcare workers at risk.

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You must immediately pass the Medical Supply Transparency and Delivery Act and ensure healthcare workers receive PPE. These frontline responders are putting their life on the line during this pandemic. It is your responsibility to ensure they are protected.