Sign the petition: Demand the DOD IG to investigate border troop deployment NOW!

Department of Defense Inspector General

Donald Trump and Stephen Miller are terrorizing migrants and people seeking refuge at the U.S. southern border, including by building Trump’s racist and unnecessary wall. And because Trump’s wall plans have been stymied, he’s creating border barriers one way or another: U.S. troops stationed at the border with weapons in hand; concentration camps to separate families simply seeking refuge; and new policies every day to keep people out.

And now, Trump just sent 2,000 more military service-members on top of the 5,000 active-duty and reserve service-members already deployed to the U.S. southern border in their anti-immigrant crusade — even though the military is legally supposed to be kept separate from domestic law enforcement because of laws like the 140-year old Posse Comitatus Act. Moreover, Trump’s use of military service-members as political pawns is a tell-tale sign of authoritarianism, which further threatens our democracy.

Throughout Trump’s presidency, the people of the U.S. have decried and documented numerous human rights abuses against migrants, including the caging, neglect, and death of children held in U.S. custody and the use of tear gas by border patrol agents against the peaceful “caravan” of people attempting to seek asylum at the border just last year.

As migrants and asylum-seekers continue to be the target of Trump’s racist, xenophobic agenda, we need answers NOW.

Sign the petition to demand the Department of Defense Inspector General investigate the use of the U.S. military at the U.S. southern border.

Participating Organizations:
American Friends Service Committee
Black Alliance for Just Immigration
Daily Kos
Human Rights First
National Immigrant Justice Center
National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
New American Leaders Action Fund
Progress America
United We Dream
Win Without War

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I am concerned about the increased militarization of the U.S. southern border. With tens of thousands of migrant families and children living in horrid conditions in concentration camps and an unprecedented domestic military deployment at the border, I urge you to investigate the misuse and politicization of U.S. military personnel and resources at the southern border, including possible violations of the Posse Comitatus Act.