SIGN THE PETITION: Don’t let Donald Trump destroy Medicaid!

All members of Congress

Donald Trump is trying to destroy Medicaid through a scheme called “block granting” which would give states a fixed amount. It’s a recipe for states spending less on Medicaid and covering fewer people.

For many people with disabilities, seniors who need long-term care, children, and others who receive Medicaid coverage, that’s unacceptable and dangerous.

Having failed to take away more people’s health care by passing “Trumpcare” legislation in Congress, Trump is now trying to wreck Medicaid on his own -- bypassing Congress all together with an expected presidential order.

Together, let’s demand Congress stop him!

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Support the resolution of disapproval to stop Trump’s attack on Medicaid, which will hurt seniors and working families. It is an outrage that Donald Trump wants to destroy Medicaid by ending its coverage guarantee.