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When it comes to military spending, the United States’ defense budget is astronomical. The U.S. spends as much as the next seven countries combined on the military. The staggering amount of money available has resulted in wasteful military spending.

It’s time to stop misdirecting hundreds of billions of dollars away from domestic and human needs to pad unnecessary budget lines for endless wars, failed weapons and the Pentagon’s corporate handouts. Doing so will make our country stronger and more just.

Military spending should be reduced by at least $200 billion annually, freeing up $2 trillion or more over the next decade for domestic and human needs priorities. With those spending cuts, the Pentagon’s budget would remain more than enough to keep America safe at a level well above our nation’s post-World War II historical average.

Participating Organizations:
American Family Voices
Daily Kos
Demand Progress
Friends of the Earth Action
Just Foreign Policy
National Priorities Project
Peace Action
Progress America
Public Citizen
Social Security Works
Win Without War
World BEYOND War

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We are calling on you to cut military spending and re-invest in U.S. domestic needs and priorities. We demand you stop investing in war. You must end wasteful military spending for a just and prosperous future.