Sign the petition: Federal infrastructure bill must be big, bold and green


President Biden has unveiled the first half of his major infrastructure plan. There's a lot to like in the bill to fix our crumbling roads, bridges and schools—but more needs to be done. And most importantly, the rich and corporations will finally have to start paying more taxes.

The bill that Congress will take up next is more than a nuts-and-bolts package to fix our bridges, roads and schools. It is an environmental necessity against the looming threat of climate change, an extinction crisis, and a civil rights issue to fix past injustices where access to goods and services have been privileged.

For decades, our nation's infrastructure has suffered from a systemic lack of investment. The new federal bill must be big, bold and green and include a national biodiversity strategy.

The infrastructure plan is more than just about repairing our roads, bridges and schools. Across the country, American families drink polluted water, lack access to affordable, high-speed internet, or experience power outages too often — all while paying more for those services. And, importantly, it's about combating climate change and an extinction crisis as we face a dangerous future, and fixing past injustices against communities of color who were harmed by decisions like where to put highways.

To pay for big, bold, and green infrastructure, Biden's plan would raise the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%, which would raise over $700 billion. The corporate tax was actually 35% until Donald Trump slashed it in 2017, and higher than that before the Reagan years. Biden's plan will also close huge tax loopholes that encourage corporations to outsource jobs and shift profits to tax havens to avoid paying their fair share.

Congress must do everything they can to ensure our needs are met. Congress passed a successful COVID relief bill because they did not allow GOP threats or bad-faith negotiations to derail the delivery of a strong package for the American people.

The same principles need to apply when it comes to infrastructure. If Republicans refuse to be part of a constructive process, Senate Democrats must be willing to go through reconciliation or change rules on the filibuster to make this a reality.

We must demand big, bold, transformational and green infrastructure.

Sign the petition to your members of Congress: Federal infrastructure bill must be big, bold and green to meet the enormous challenges we face -- and corporate taxes will foot the bill.

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Biden’s infrastructure plan is an opportunity to undo four decades of federal disinvestment—where the rich and corporations have gotten massive tax cuts. Members of Congress must stand firm that paying for this infrastructure bill will require the wealthy to pay more and ensure this infrastructure plan is big, bold, and green -- we must combat climate change AND improve our quality of life.