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Cop City Private Investors

Stop Cop City

It's time to stop the sinister plan that threatens our people and planet. The Atlanta Police Foundation, with the backing of millions in corporate funding and $67 million in taxpayer money, is determined to construct an enormous police training facility on the cherished Weelaunee Forest.

Community members are calling the plan "Cop City," as it will include a replica police village (complete with a nightclub), a Black Hawk helipad, firing ranges, and even an area for explosives training.

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The forest's surrounding neighborhoods, predominantly home to lower-income Black residents, are already burdened with the trauma inflicted by police on a daily basis. Now, they may have to endure a militarized training facility that teaches new ways to perpetuate violence against their communities, right in their own backyard!

In addition to the terror of an ever-present, super-militarized police force, Cop City is an environmental racism nightmare. The Weelaunee Forest provides ecological relief for the people of Atlanta. It offsets stormwater runoff, which might otherwise push unwanted sediment into the drinking water. The mere presence of trees helps to keep the city cool during the long, hot, humid summers, and improves air quality by reducing carbon dioxide released into the air.

Cop City has gained nationwide attention, and for good reason. The city of Atlanta, its police force, the Atlanta Police Foundation, and its corporate sponsors are actively conspiring to increase police power, at a time when police departments are under scrutiny for abusing that power.

We cannot let this happen. Cop City would do irreparable harm to the city of Atlanta, and inspire more play villages for cops across the country. But there's hope! Construction has not yet begun and the costs to build Cop City continue to increase. Together we can pressure private entities to halt all funding to the Atlanta Police Foundation and APF Support Inc.

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Your contributions to Cop City cause environmental, mental, and physical harm to BIPOC communities of Atlanta. We strongly oppose your efforts to contribute financially or in any capacity to the Atlanta Police Foundation and APF Support Inc. to further the development of Cop City. We call on your organization and all individual investors, foundations, endowments, pension funds, and corporations to withhold resources and funding from Cop City as well as collaboration with the Atlanta Police Foundation and APF Support, Inc. We encourage you to engage with the community to invest your financial support toward policies and programs that promote public health and safety for Atlanta.