Sign The Petition: No Valero Oil Trains in Benicia!

Benicia City Council & Planning Commission

Don’t let our community be the site of the next oil train disaster.

Right now, oil giant Valero is fighting to build a rail terminal at its refinery in Benicia to receive trains carrying highly toxic and explosive crude oil. If approved, mile-long oil trains will roll through dozens of California communities nearly every day en route to the Valero refinery.

Thousands of Californians – neighbors, nurses, elected officials, and students– have voiced their opposition to the project. Now we need to make sure the decision-makers in Benicia truly hear us.

Add your name to the petition now. 

The Benicia Planning Commission and City Council will soon decide whether or not to approve this dangerous project. That’s why we must show the city’s decision-makers that Benicia residents and allies across the state are watching.

Together, we’ll demand they stop Valero from putting Californian’s health and safety at risk. 

To: Benicia City Council & Planning Commission
From: [Your Name]

Please count me among the many citizens of Benicia and communities nearby who oppose bringing dangerous Bakken crude oil into Benicia by trains. We have seen horrendous resulting explosions following the recent massive increase in transport of crude oil from Bakken shale fields in North Dakota and tar sands mines in Alberta. The California Attorney General and the National Transportation Safety Board have sent out alarms about this dangerous new method of transporting unconventional crudes.

Not in Benicia! Not in the Bay Area! Not in communities uprail and downwind of Benicia!

Please convey my opposition to the City of Benicia and Valero.