Sign the petition: President Biden, asylum-seekers deserve a right to due process

President Joseph R. Biden

The Biden administration promising to ‘build back better’ does not include asylum-seekers looking to enter the United states for the foreseeable future. The administration has once again extended Title 42, a Trump era public health order that calls for the quick expulsion of asylum-seekers without a formal hearing in front of a judge. Since March of 2020, Title 42 has allowed for the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The policy also proves to place disproportionate harm on Black immigrants, as some of the first deportation flights of the Biden administration were of Haitian asylum-seekers. We cannot allow the Biden administration to continue to play politics with the lives of asylum-seekers.

After promising to phase the program out back in January, the administration will keep this policy in effect until they no longer deem the spread of COVID-19 a serious threat to public health. Expelling migrants before granting them due process does not protect public health, when hundreds of families are already huddled together at points of entry. Science based measures currently exist to minimize COVID-19 risks at the border.

Title 42 does nothing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and is instead being used as a political tactic to deport hundreds of thousands of migrants a year. We must condemn the Biden administration for exasperating a public health crisis as a means to expel migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Several advocacy groups, including the ACLU, are suing the Biden administration to allow the U.S. asylum system to continue processing claims. The groups have already given the administration a 7 months to repair the damage Trump has done to the asylum process, but will no longer stand for this administration expelling all asylum-seekers at the border without their right to due process.

We must stand with these groups and call for the Biden administration to rescind Title 42 before more migrants are unjustly turned away at our border.

Sign the petition: President Biden to end Title 42.

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President Biden, you must honor your commitment to phase out Title 42 and allow a just process for asylum-seekers. End this cruel Trump-era policy, and replace it with a dignified, compassionate process to receive people seeking asylum.