Sign the petition: Stop tax cuts for special interests in Kentucky

Kentucky State Legislature and Governor Bevin

We've heard a lot over the past decade about why we have to cut vital services that strengthen Kentucky’s communities. They say "We just don't have enough" -- but actually, we do.

We all know the things that are essential to thriving communities: good schools, healthcare, affordable higher education, modern infrastructure, parks and public safety, to name a few. Investments in these things make our Commonwealth a better place to live and work today and set the stage for a brighter future.

When the billions we give away in special interest tax breaks add up to more than what we’re spending on the things that make us stronger, we know there’s a problem. Cleaning up tax breaks that disproportionally benefit those at the top and drain money from our schools, infrastructure and more is a crucial part of our responsibility to this and the next generation of Kentuckians.

Those tax breaks that benefit special interests also mean that our tax code is upside down, asking Kentuckians at the top of the income scale to chip in less of their income than the middle class and those at the bottom.

Sign the petition from Kentucky Together asking the State Legislature and Governor to reform our upside-down, tax break-ridden revenue system so that we can invest in thriving communities.

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To make a better Kentucky, we must invest in people, communities and our economy through vital public services. We call on our governor and lawmakers to strengthen the Commonwealth by raising new revenue through tax reform that is fair and sustainable.