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Senator Manchin wants to speed up permitting of energy infrastructure projects - especially pipelines and other fossil fuel infrastructure. This pipeline permitting bill hasn’t even been written yet, but it’s probably really bad. We know that, not just because Manchin (D-Coal Baron) wants it, but because the American Petroleum Institute circulated a draft outline. Yeah, you read that right: if we climate hawks don’t squawk up, Congress might rubber-stamp a bill drafted by the fossil fuel industry.

Manchin wanted his pipeline permitting to be included in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), but pipeline permitting is not budget-related. As you probably recall, IRA passed the Senate last weekend under its arcane budget reconciliation rules. Budget bills can pass on simple majorities, don’t need 60-plus votes, and cannot be filibustered.

The pipeline permitting bill (which hasn’t been written and doesn’t have a number) therefore has to be separate. And we believe most Congressional Democrats won't like what’s going to be in that bill. Since it will have to pass a Senate filibuster, and a majority vote with regular amendments in the House, that means that even a small number of Democrats are enough to block Manchin’s permitting bill.

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Senator Manchin is demanding Congress overrule the President, the courts, and the climate by passing his 'pipeline permitting bill' in exchange for the clean energy investments in the Inflation Reduction Act. But that's not ethical, safe, or in the interest of our climate or communities. We call on every member of Congress to reject Manchin's fossil fuel permitting bill.