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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

On August 1, Baltimore County police killed Korryn Gaines and injured her 5-year-old son. Korryn was broadcasting videos of the police standoff on her Facebook account, but police ordered that Facebook deactivate her account -- and Facebook did.

This sets a dangerous precedent. And it echoes when Facebook temporarily removed Diamond Reynolds' live video of Philando Castile's murder in July. Facebook's videos are powerful tools to document police brutality and misconduct. We need all the tools we can to end the epidemic of police violence against Black people and other people of color.

Facebook is not an arm of the police, and it should not enable the police to control what the public sees. By shielding police misbehavior and cutting people off from crucial support networks in the midst of police encounters, Facebook goes against the purpose of social media. In addition, there was no court injunction or any proper protocol followed to justify taking down the videos.

Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg says he supports the Movement for Black Lives. Just last month, the company hung a massive #BlackLivesMatter banner on its campus. Words are not enough, actions count. Demonstrate whose side you're on, Facebook. Put the videos back up and strengthen your support for legislation protecting the right to upload videos of police behavior.

Sign the petition now to Mark Zuckerberg: stand for Black lives and stop Facebook's censorship.

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Explain what happened that caused Facebook to shut down Korryn Gaines’ account, and fully restore it. Clarify Facebook’s position on collaborating with police and law enforcement to censor data and video. And institute a policy regarding the censorship of content and video that protects individual civil liberties and is transparent and accountable to the public.