Sign the Petition to make High Park Car-Free

High Park Movement Strategy Team and Councillor Gord Perks

It's time for a car-free High Park.

We believe that High Park should become a natural refuge from the stresses of city life - a healthy environment where people can enjoy the park free of motor traffic and the accompanying air pollution, noise, and threat of injury.

Back in 2020, the City of Toronto took the bold step of closing High Park on weekends to vehicles. 3 years later and the success of this decision could not be any more clear: the park is as busy as ever on weekends and 75% agree that the road closures have had a positive impact, including the majority of families with young children and park users with disabilities. In fact, the majority of park visitors and users agree that a car-free High Park will:

  • Make the park safer

  • Make the park more accessible

  • Improve the park's natural environment

That is why it is vital we maintain and expand upon one of the few car-free spaces in the city.

As New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said when Central Park went permanently car-free back in 2018: “Our parks are for people, not cars. We are prioritizing the safety and the health of millions of parents, children and visitors who flock to Central Park.”

If a park can’t be car-free, then what hope do we have of prioritizing low carbon modes of transportation, meeting our climate goals, and putting the health and safety of people first?

Please take a moment to sign this petition asking the City of Toronto to make High Park car-free.

Thank you for adding your support to make High Park a park for people, not cars.

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To: High Park Movement Strategy Team and Councillor Gord Perks
From: [Your Name]

I am adding my name to this petition because I fully support a car-free High Park.

Back in 2020, the City of Toronto took the bold step of closing High Park to vehicles on weekends and the success of this decision is well reflected in the city's High Park Movement Strategy reports. A car-free High Park not only supports Toronto’s climate goals by encouraging low-carbon modes of transportation, such as walking, biking and taking public transit, but also creates a much safer, calmer and cleaner park for everyone to enjoy.

I ask that you continue to demonstrate your leadership in creating a safer park and a cleaner environment by committing to make High Park permanently car-free.

Thank you.