Sign the petition to oppose Trump’s proposed rule legalizing tip theft

Alex Acosta, Secretary of Labor

Democratic Reps. Rosa DeLauro (Conn.) and Katherine Clark (Mass.) offered up legislation that will strengthen protections for tipped workers and secure tips as the property of the workers who earn them. Department of Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta has stated that he will support legislation barring employers from claiming ownership over tips. Signing this petition is the next step you can take to hold President Donald Trump’s Department of Labor accountable and make sure working people keep the tips they own.

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To: Alex Acosta, Secretary of Labor
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Please stand by your commitment to support legislation clarifying that employers cannot take workers’ tips. The Department of Labor seeks to foster, promote and develop the welfare of America’s wage earners and should not allow a rule to be finalized that strips tipped workers of protections. I urge you to unconditionally refuse to finalize this rule until the bill is passed.