Sign if you agree: Stephen Bannon's bigotry has no place in the White House

Republicans in Congress

Donald Trump has announced that Steve Bannon—former head of the online racist platform Breitbart—will be a senior adviser in the White House.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Bannon was "the main driver behind Breitbart becoming a white ethno-nationalist propaganda mill." And according to his ex-wife, he is an anti-Semite and a domestic abuser.

White supremacists are celebrating. They think that Bannon will hold Trump to his racist, fascist campaign promises.

David Duke called the appointment "excellent," and affirmed Bannon's importance in shaping Trump's ideology and policies. The Chairman of the American Nazi Party thought moderate Republicans would have objected to Bannon's appointment, so he was pleasantly surprised.

Prominent Democrats have come out forcefully against this; for example, Harry Reid warned that "white Supremacists will be represented at the highest levels in Trump's White House" and said that "the first thing [Trump] should do is rescind his appointment of Steve Bannon."

Congressional Republicans must take a stand. They should call out Trump for appointing Bannon and show that they won't stand for white supremacists in the White House.

Many Republicans did not denounce Trump's bigotry because they did not want Clinton to win. Now, they have no excuse.

Unfortunately this role does not require Senate confirmation. But we should make such an outcry that Bannon becomes toxic for Trump. We may be stuck with Trump as president, but we can fight him every step of the way.

Add your name to denounce Stephen Bannon, and tell Republican leaders to do the same.

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Denounce President-elect Donald Trump's appointment of white supremacist Stephen Bannon.

White supremacists, including the KKK and the American Nazi Party, are thrilled about Bannon in the White House. Rocky Suhayda, chairman of the American Nazi Party, thought that Republicans wouldn't have allowed it. He said, “I must admit that I was a wee bit surprised that Mr. Trump finally chose Mr. Bannon; I thought that his stable of Washington insiders would have objected too vociferously."

So prove the neo-Nazis wrong. Denounce white supremacist Stephen Bannon, and come out publicly to state that you don't believe his bigotry belongs in the White House.

You may not have denounced Trump's bigotry before, because you did not want Clinton to win. Now, you have no excuse.