Sign the petition: Urge Congress to pass the Voting Rights Advancement Act.

House Judiciary Committee

In 2013, with a right-wing majority the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act (VRA), the 1965 bill that protected communities of color against racist voter suppression.

Since then Republicans have had a field day eroding voting rights with voter ID laws, gerrymandered districts, huge purges from voter registration rolls, closing polling locations--all of which disproportionately suppress black and brown votes. Trump created a bogus voter fraud commission to advance the lie that rampant voter fraud--repeatedly proven to be nothing more a right-wing myth--threatens our elections.

We sit at a crucial moment in history. Trump is attacking modern civil rights and looking more and more like a fascist every day. We cannot put up our best fight if Republicans continue to disenfranchise the people most harmed by Trump's agenda.

Sign the petition: Demand that Congress pass the Voting Rights Advancement Act.

Before the 2013 Supreme Court decision to gut the VRA, the DOJ could block changes to election law in states with histories of voter suppression before they went into effect. Now, voter suppression rules can only be challenged after the fact, when people of color have already been blocked from the polls.

The VRAA would establish the strongest voting rights laws ever passed by Congress. Not only would it require states with a recent history of voting discrimination to have any changes to voting laws approved by the DOJ, but it would also give the attorney general the authority to send federal election observers to monitor elections where there’s a risk of voting discrimination.

We need Congress to pass the Voting Rights Advancement Act, but it won't happen without a massive push from the left. It won't happen unless we fight hard and don't give up until Congress gives in to our pressure. We need you to join that fight.

Sign the petition: Demand that Congress pass the Voting Rights Advancement Act.

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The right to vote is a fundamental right for all U.S. citizens. That right is being attacked by racist voter suppression efforts that make it difficult or impossible for communities of color to vote. The Voting Rights Advancement Act will guarantee that black and brown people can vote without interference or intimidation. I demand that you work immediately to pass the VRAA.