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For transgender people and our allies, the success of a vicious, deceptive, and public campaign to demonize trans people in North Carolina marks a new day. Although our community is no stranger to challenges, the North Carolina campaign makes it clear that we are facing something new: a  well-funded, nationally coordinated, and explicitly political attack on our community.  These attacks are calculated to frighten us back into the shadows, to pressure our allies to distance themselves from us, and to use the power of the political process and the letter of the law to dehumanize us. Today, we are joining together to send a strong and clear response to these national groups, their state allies, and the elected officials who stand with them: You’ve made a profound miscalculation. Our community is courageous and resilient; our allies are strong and unmoved by the politics of fear. Today we are launching a new national trans political organization. Trans United Fund. #TransUnited #TransUnidxs We are guided by a politics of hope and an unwavering commitment to trans equality. Will you join with us today in making history? Sign your name.

 Across the U.S., the trans community is being used as both a target and a tactic with shadowy groups working not just to pass anti-trans policies, but also to exploit fear and ignorance around trans people to hurt other vulnerable communities and roll back existing protections. These attempts to exploit ignorance and fear are nothing new in American politics; trans people are just their newest target. More than 50 pieces of anti-trans legislation has been introduced in nearly twenty states. The far right is coming for us. Just in just the last 5 months, they’ve succeeded in rescinding basic civil right protections in Houston, Texas and across North Carolina. It’s clear they’re just getting started. But so are we. Sign your name today and join the movement to fight back. Join #TransUnited #TransUnidxs  Sign your name.

 For many, being trans in the U.S. is still a fight for survival. Our community faces an epidemic of violence and suicide, the disproportionate impact of HIV and AIDS, homelessness - particularly among youth, bullying in schools, discrimination in the workplace, violence in jails and inhumane conditions in detention centers, and discrimination against trans individuals serving in the military.  We know we must build on our history of resilience and progress to meet this new threat and make a movement that  will not  only to push back against anti-trans attacks, but also to build a political vision, strategy, and campaign to create a country where trans people can not only survive but thrive. Sign your name today and join the movement to fight back. Join #TransUnited #TransUnidxs  Sign your name.

We believe now is the time for trans people to unite – to deepen our understanding of one another’s similarities and differences – to better support one another. So today we ask those who identify as trans to join us in crafting that vision and forming that voice. We cannot do it alone, but we know that as long as there have been politics, there have been those that have stood up on the side of love, fairness, and decency. So today we ask our allies - across lines of race, partisanship, religion, and geography - to join us and to prove that those banking on fear, hatred, and ignorance are wrong; that there are more of us who stand united, who choose to be on the right side of history than ever before, and that we won't be divided. Join today #TransUnited #TransUnidxs  Sign your name.

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