Sign this petition: Police are NOT above the Law! Demand the DOJ Investigate Police Killings and harassment of African Americans

Department of Justice

Nationwide police brutality and killings have been rampant against communities of color. Police continue to murder unarmed black people at an alarming rate, with little and in most cases, no consequences whatsoever.  

In Sacramento, California, police officers brutally shot unarmed Shephon Clark 20 times. New York police shot and killed unarmed and mentally ill Saheed Vassell. Officers fired 30 shots into Diante Yarber's car at a Barstow, California Walmart parking lot. These are just a few examples from the last few months.

Currently these shootings are investigated internally, by an officer’s own police departments. Results? Officers are frequently cleared and face no charges whatsoever. This needs to change.

Sign this petition now to demand that the DOJ investigate these outrageous abuses of power. Investigate police involved shootings now.

Our policing system is blatantly racist and this needs to be acknowledged and rectified. How is it that an unarmed black person can be shot 30 times for sitting in their car or 20 times for talking on a phone when a white person shooting school children is safely apprehended without a scratch?

And when people of color are not shot and killed they are flagrantly harassed by law enforcement for doing everyday tasks, like meeting up with someone at a coffee shop or having a meal at a restaurant.

These injustices will not be tolerated by our communities.

Sign now to demand justice for these egregious losses of life. The DOJ must investigate these shootings thoroughly and with just outcomes.

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Law enforcement cannot escape the consequences of the law. Police killings of civilians - which impact black and brown people at much higher rates - bear almost no consequences. The police cannot be allowed to investigate themselves.

The Department of Justice MUST step in and investigate police-involved deaths and deaths in custody.