Sign to oppose David Bernhardt’s nomination for Secretary of the Interior Department


President Trump has nominated David Bernhardt, a veteran oil and gas lobbyist who has helped push the expansion of drilling at the Interior Department, to serve as its next secretary.

As deputy secretary, Bernhardt played an active role in the Trump administration's push to open public lands to fossil fuel and mining interests. Recently, he led the Interior during the historic 35-day government shutdown and irresponsibly instructed parks to remain open while understaffed, putting visitors at risk and resulting in widespread damage. He also authorized the parks use visitor fees to cover maintenance costs and day-to-day operations during the shutdown - a move that some said was illegal.

The Secretary of the Interior Department plays a key role in directing the management of our
parks, monuments, forests, refuges, water and wildlife, including endangered species and management of oil, natural gas, and coal on public lands. Bernhardt’s confirmation would jeopardize these public resources for the benefit of fossil fuel interests.

Sign the petition and demand your Senator reject Bernhardt’s nomination - he is riddled with conflicts of interest and will not fight for the good of public interest.

Participating Organizations:
Climate Hawks Vote
Corporate Accountability
CREDO Action
Daily Kos
Demand Progress
Endangered Species Coalition
Greenpeace USA
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We demand you oppose David Bernhardt’s nomination. The Secretary of the Interior should see the value in conserving our public lands and not be marred with conflicts of interest. Our parks, landmarks, monuments, forests, water, and wildlife are not to be jeopardized by special interests.