South Carolina Physicians for the Protection of Children in Schools

Governor Henry McMaster and the South Carolina General Assembly

A petition from the physicians of South Carolina urging government officials to lift restrictions on mask mandates

Petition by
Hillsborough, North Carolina

To: Governor Henry McMaster and the South Carolina General Assembly
From: [Your Name]

Physicians in South Carolina are standing in solidarity with our colleagues in Florida who have petitioned their state government to end mandates that restrict appropriate healthcare measures. We have all been battling the COVID-19 pandemic for over a year and have done everything in our power to protect the general population and care for them to the best of our abilities. Unfortunately, decisions have been made that have now restricted appropriate safeguards from being implemented in our schools.
With the rise of the Delta variant, we have seen both an increasing rate of spread and severity of disease. The most recent data in South Carolina shows the rate of daily cases is over 2,000 over the past week. These are the highest numbers we have seen since February, 2021 and it is not reaching a plateau but continuing to increase at an alarming rate. With school starting this week and next in South Carolina and the rate of spread of the Delta variant among the unvaccinated population, we have every reason to believe the case rate will explode in the coming weeks. Though the rates of severe disease and death have still been relatively low in children, if the case rates increase exponentially, we will see these numbers rise due to the sheer volume of cases. Furthermore, we have already seen increased rates of other respiratory illnesses, such as RSV, occurring simultaneously. We have very real concerns about the ability of our hospitals to handle the increased volume with the current resources.
The frustrating thing with all of this is that we know we can prevent so many poor outcomes by trusting the science and doing two things - vaccinating everyone who is eligible and masking. We urge everyone who is able to get vaccinated immediately. This is our best protection against COVID. We urge our government officials to state unequivocally that vaccines are safe and effective. We urge them to put more time, money and effort into vaccination education and resources. But even if every unvaccinated South Carolinian received a vaccine today, we know they would still not have full protection for several more weeks and cases are spiking now. Our next best defense against this virus is masking. Our children, especially those under 12 who are not able to receive the vaccine, are at high risk of contracting COVID in schools. The science is clear - masks work to prevent the spread of the virus. We urge Governor McMaster and our elected leaders to listen to the physicians of the state. Repeal the ban on mask mandates. Allow our local health departments to guide school boards in mandating masks when local spread is high. We urge school boards and leaders to mandate masks when the rate of spread is high. Please protect the health and well being of the children of South Carolina. We are the people you trust when your life or your child's life is in danger. We urge you to trust us now.


1. Hunter Moore, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
2. Elizabeth Shirley, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
3. Amanda O'Kelly, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Greenville)
4. Robert Saul, MD, Pediatrics (Greenwood)
5. Robin LaCroix, MD, Pediatric Infectious Disease (Greenville)
6. Kerry Sease, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
7. Nichole Bryant, MD, Pediatric Hematology & Oncology (Greenville)
8. Megan Witrick, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
9. Michael Fields, MD, Pediatric Pulmonology (Greenville)
10. Elizabeth Dewald, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Greenville)
11. Edward (Trey) Darby III, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
12. Kindal Dankovich, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
13. Ann Marie Patterson Ravindran, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
14. Chris Clemow, MD, Family Medicine (Anderson)
15. Amauri Latham, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Greenville)
16. Cory Mitchell, MD, Internal Medicine (Greenville)
17. Eve Fields, MD, Psychiatry (Greenville)
18. Carole Mercer, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Greenville)
19. Margaret Gray, MD, Pediatric Cardiology (Lexington)
20. Justin Dukes, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
21. Laura Espinosa, MD, Internal Medicine (Simpsonville)
22. Michelle Prigge, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
23. Miranda Worster, MD, Pediatrics (Duncan)
24. Sarah Fabry, DO, Family Medicine (Greenville)
25. Rachel Sine, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
26. Chris Sine, MD, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine (Greenville)
27. Teresa Williams, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Hospitalist(Greenville)
28. Sara Clark, MD, Pediatrics (Anderson)
29. Liz Dancel, MD, Pediatric Gastroenterology (Greenville)
30. Mitchell Nimmich, MD, Hospitalist (Lexington)
31. Lauren Holliday, MD, Cardiology (Columbia)
32. Elizabeth McKinney, MD, Internal Medicine (Greenville)
33. Elizabeth Bloodworth, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
34. Bonnie Ramsey, MD, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (West Columbia)
35. Kelly Johnson, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
36. Caroline Powell, MD, Internal Medicine Hospitalist (Blythewood)
37. Kaitlin Sanzone, MD, Psychiatry (Irmo)
38. Ashley Parks, MD, Dermatology, (Greer)
39. Nancy Robinson, MD, Pathology (Greenville)
40. Sarah Whitehead, MD, Family Medicine (Greer)
41. Shannon Burgess, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Greenville)
42. Michael Ferlauto, MD, Psychiatry (Columbia)
43. Lauren Doar, MD, Anesthesiology (Greenville)
44. Julie Teuber, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
45. Lesslie Pekarek, MD, Family Medicine (Central)
46. Laura Carlson, MD, OBGYN (Greenville)
47. Ann Meade, MD, Internal Medicine (Greenville)
48. Archana Srinivas, MD, Rheumatology (Greenville)
49. Richard Thomas, DO, Family Medicine (Clemson)
50. Jessica Pollard, MD, Family Medicine (Greenville)
51. Rachelle Gajadhar, MD, Internal Medicine - Geriatrics (Columbia)
52. Andrew White, MD, OBGYN (Greenville)
53. Amanda Ryan, MD, OBGYN (Greenville)
54. James Ryan, MD, Anesthesiology (Greenville)
55. Doreen Patterson, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
56. Himabindu Bandarupalli, MD, Internal Medicine Hospitalist (Greer)
57. Aubrey Tell, MD, Family Medicine (Seneca)
58. Megan Witt, MD, Internal Medicine (Greenville)
59. Jenny Heegard, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
60. Anne Cook, MD, Internal Medicine (Anderson)
61. Nicole Cothran, MD, Neonatology (Greenville)
62. Patricia Eichhorn, MD, FACS, FASMBS, Bariatric Surgery (Simpsonville)
63. Paul Courtwright, MD, Emergency Medicine (Taylors)
64. Cady Williams, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
65. Andreea Stoichita, MD, Pediatrics (Mauldin)
66. Arun Singh, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
67. Patrice Alexander, MD, Pediatrics (Greer)
68. Lindsay Tjiattas-Saleski, DO, Emergency Medicine (Greer)
69. Lee Moore, MD, Emergency Medicine (Johns Island)
70. Carley Howard Draddy, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
71. Sarah Farris, MD, Emergency Medicine (Piedmont)
72. Erin Dickert, MD, Maternal Fetal Medicine (Simpsonville)
73. Megan Cifuni, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
74. Monica Milas, DO, Family Medicine (Irmo)
75. Ashley Clark, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
76. Gayle Blouin, MD, General Surgery (Greenville)
77. Wesley Liao, MD, Anesthesiology (Greenville)
78. Alicia McFarland, MD, Pediatrics (Elgin)
79. Sara Baird, MD, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (Greenville)
80. Marianne Sacasa de Strasberg, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
81. Madison Merritt, MD, Pediatrics (Travelers Rest)
82. Paige Nettles, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
83. Jennifer Heath, MD, Psychiatry (Elgin)
84. Sara Wallace, MD, Pediatrics (Cayce)
85. Melanie Blackburn, MD, Pediatrics (Blythewood)
86. Julia Ballance, MD, Pediatrics (Columbia)
87. Timothy Depp, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
88. Julie Payne, MD, Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine (Greenville)
89. Julie Anderson, MD, Pediatrics (Columbia)
90. Duncan Norton, MD, Pediatrics (Columbia)
91. Stephen Strasberg, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
92. Navina Mehta, MD, Internal Medicine (Greer)
93. Karen Ardis, MD, Family Medicine (Liberty
94. Erika Anderson, MD, Pediatrics (Greer)
95. David McSwain, MD, Pediatric Critical Care (Mt. Pleasant)
96. Siobhan Wulf, DO, Pediatrics (Greer)
97. Leslie Frinks, MD, Psychiatry (Elgin)
98. Sarah McNemar, MD, Pediatrics (Piedmont)
99. Stephanie Berg, MD, Psychiatry (Elgin)
100. Sara Dimeo, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
101. Barbara Head, MD, OBGYN (Mt. Pleasant)
102. Jennifer Alleyne, MD, Psychiatry (Irmo
103. Katie Spinks, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Greer)
104. Jeff Gerac, MD, Pediatric Hospitalist (Greenville)
105. Sarah Wells, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Greenville)
106. Angel Rochester, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greer)
107. Carrie Buchanan, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
108. Michael Stewart, MD, Neonatology (Greenville)
109. Steven Snodgrass, MD, Pediatric Pulmonology (Greenville)
110. Ashley Jones, MD, Psychiatry (Columbia)
111. Allie Cooper Redding, DO, Family Medicine (Anderson)
112. Matt Bradshaw, MD, Pediatrics (Anderson)
113. Mallory Shasteen, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
114. Keith Hart, MD, Pediatrics (Belton)
115. Shannon James, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
116. Jenny Thomas, MD, Pediatrics (Boiling Springs)
117. Krista Timmerman, MD, Radiology (Greenville)
118. Robert Timmerman, MD, Anesthesiology (Greenville)
119. Stephanie Bailey, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
120. Senthuran Ravindran, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Greenville)
121. William McKinney, MD, Anesthesiology, (Greenville)
122. Dustin Morrow, MD, Emergency Medicine (Easley)
123. Julia Cupp, MD, Internal Medicine (Easley)
124. Anna Neal, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
125. Jonelle Oronzio, MD, Pediatrics (Williamston)
126. Jennica Siddle, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
127. Lisa Carroll, MD, Family Medicine (Greer)
128. Kyle Meade, MD, Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine (Greenville)
129. Ritu Saha, MD, Gastroenterology (Greenville)
130. James Davidson, MD, Radiology (Simpsonville)
131. Aniket Saha, MD, Pediatric Hematology & Oncology (Greenville)
132. Austen Carter, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
133. Prerana Roth, MD, Infectious Disease (Greenville)
134. Nicole Nassif, MD, Pediatrics (Simpsonville)
135. Katherine Lumpkin, DO, Internal Medicine (Greenville)
136. Page Bridges, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
137. Hiren Vallabh, MD, Gastroenterology (Greer)
138. Carey Gully, MD, Pediatrics (Seneca)
139. Sandra Luyindula, MD, Family Medicine (Mauldin)
140. Amy Flandry, MD, Internal Medicine (Spartanburg)
141. Melissa Potisek, MD, Anesthesiology (Greenville)
142. Erin Bhatia, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
143. Ashley Jenkins, MD, Pediatrics (Clinton)
144. Mona Idrees, MD, Rheumatology (Greenville)
145. Sarah Hinton, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Greenville)
146. Melissa Kannaday, MD, Psychiatry (Columbia)
147. Kelly Apple, MD, Hospitalist (Greenville)
148. Karen Eastburn, DO, Pediatric Hospitalist (Greenville)
149. Regina Monroe, MD, Pediatric Urologist (Greenville)
150. Nicole Gammon, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Simpsonville)
151. Carreen Drake, MD, OBGYN (Piedmont)
152. Elizabeth Cull, MD, Oncology (Piedmont)
153. John Cull, MD, Surgery (Piedmont)
154. Janny Soriano, MD, Internal Medicine (Fort Mill)
155. Rebecca Wright, MD, Pediatrics (Easley)
156. Andrea Wininger, MD, OBGYN (Piedmont)
157. Clay Shamblin, MD, Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine (Greenville)
158. Peter Naas, MD, Gastroenterology (Greenville)
159. Meredith Eicken, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Greenville)
160. Kimberly Burgess, MD, Urology (Piedmont)
161. Erin Nash, MD, Family Medicine (Inman)
162. Kimberly Clark, PharmD, Critical Care (Taylors)
163. Shannon Conrad, DO, Family Medicine (Charleston)
164. Luis Lizardo, MD, Gastroenterology (Greenville)
165. Asha Bailey, DO, Nephrology (Blythewood)
166. L. Garrison Morgan, MD, Cardiology (Lexington)
167. Sarah Broeker, DO, Emergency Medicine (Lexington)
168. Thomas McCullough, MD, Internal Medicine (Aiken)
169. Laura Ledlie, MD, Pediatrics (Columbia)
170. Pamela Crawford, MD, Psychiatry (Columbia)
171. Ashley Mullinax, MD, Anesthesiology (Piedmont)
172. Saria Saccocio, MD, Family Medicine (Simpsonville)
173. Katherine Gettys, MD, Internal Medicine (Greenville)
174. Miranda Horton, MD, Internal Medicine (Simpsonville)
175. Allison Riley, MD, OBGYN (Greenville)
176. Jully Aguirre, MD, OBGYN (Lexington)
177. Elizabeth Schmidt, DO, Internal Medicine (Lexington)
178. Kara Sieverdes, MD, Psychiatry (Mt. Pleasant)
179. Lisa Cartwright, MD, Pediatric Urology (Travelers Rest)
180. Amy Inman, MD, Anesthesiology (Mt. Pleasant)
181. Franklin Keith Gettys, MD, Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery (Greenville)
182. Emily Cole, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
183. Jessica McGarity, MD, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (Bishopville)
184. Julie O'Sullivan, MD, Emergency Medicine (Fort Mill)
185. John Inman, MD, Family Medicine (Mt. Pleasant)
186. Katherine Matthias, DO, Pediatrics (Easley)
187. Ragin Monteith Jeter, MD, Pediatrics (Columbia)
188. Allison Pariyadath, MD, Ophthalmology (Greenville)
189. Polly Wurthmann, MD, Anesthesiology (Sullivan's Island)
190. Brinda Chokshi, MD, Internal Medicine (Florence)
191. Mark Segal, MD, Anesthesiology (Isle of Palms)
192. Jessica Mendelsohn, MD, Family Medicine (Fort Mill)
193. Courtney Brooks, MD, OBGYN (Columbia)
194. Maria Murphy, MD, Colon & Rectal Surgery (Mt. Pleasant)
195. Kristen Nathe, MD, Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery (Columbia)
196. Marcia Parra, MD, Pediatrics (Simpsonville)
197. Susan Demchak, MD, OBGYN (Rock Hill)
198. Catherine Kramp, MD, Pediatrics (Moncks Corner)
199. Timothy Brooks, MD, Emergency Medicine (Columbia)
200. Lauren Monk, MD, Pediatrics (Lexington)
201. Martha Edwards, MD, Pediatrics (Rock Hill)
202. Stewart Sanford, MD, Emergency Medicine (Charleston)
203. Matthew Jenkins, MD, Internal Medicine (Rock Hill)
204. Rachel Edwards, MD, Emergency Medicine (Columbia)
205. Nichole Watson, MD, Family Medicine (Mount Pleasant)
206. Kelly Lyles, MD, Internal Medicine (Florence)
207. Katalina Funke, MD, Endocrinology (Charleston)
208. Kelly Shymkiw, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
209. Cheryl Gambrell, MD, Pediatrics (Columbia)
210. Cecile Miller Murray, MD, Internal Medicine (Fort Mill)
211. Erin Harrington, MD, Family Medicine (Anderson)
212. Elizabeth Tyson, MD, Pediatric Hospitalist (Greenville)
213. Christopher Robinson, MD, Maternal Fetal Medicine (Mount Pleasant)
214. Julie Smith, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
215. Kelly Heegard, MD, Nephrology (Greenville)
216. Emily Mika Nemeth, MD, Family Medicine (Isle of Palms)
217. Luke McFadden, MD, Orthopedic Surgery (Columbia)
218. Kevin Saunders, MD, Family Medicine (Greenville)
219. Mary Beth Lambert, MD, Pediatrics (Columbia)
220. Blakely Amati, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
221. Leslie Gilbert, MD, Pediatric Hematolgy & Oncology (Greer)
222. Scott Annett, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatric Sports Medicine (Greer)
223. Elizabeth Mack, MD, Pediatric Critical Care (Charleston)
224. Michelle Van Pelt, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
225. Britni Maple, MD, Neonatology (Greenville)
226. Anne Andrews, MD, Pediatrics (Mount Pleasant)
227. Fahd Quddus, MD, Hematology & Oncology (Greenville)
228. William Wright, MD, General Psychiatry/Addiction Psychiatry (Rock Hill)
229. Debra Rhiness, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
230. Marc Bingham, MD, Family Medicine (Spartanburg)
231. Octavia Amaechi, MD, Family Medicine/Hospitalist (Spartanburg)
232. William Banish, MD, General Surgery (Fort Mill)
233. Natalie Bingham, MD, OBGYN (Spartanburg)
234. Rianna Kondaveeti, DO, Family Medicine (Spartanburg)
235. Brandon Drafts, MD, Interventional Cardiologist (Columbia)
236. Mike Guyton-Nunley, MD, Adolescent Medicine (Greenville)
237. Vince Slater, DO, Family Medicine (Inman)
238. Ranya Chakra, MD, Pediatrics (Fort Mill)
239. Richard Monk, MD, Pulmonolgy & Critical Care (West Columbia)
240. Allison Smith, MD, Anesthesiology (Mount Pleasant)
241. Colleen Cotton, MD, Pediatric Dermatology (North Charleston)
242. Andrea Nesbit, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
243. Kerry Sims, MD, OBGYN (Columbia)
244. Kelli Young, DO, Emergency Medicine (Charleston)
245. Leah Smith, MD, Pediatrics (Lexington)
246. Kevin Price, MD, Emergency Medicine (Johns Island)
247. Heather Moreira, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Simpsonville)
248. Eliza Varadi, MD, Pediatrics (Charleston)
249. Jeremy Pickell, MD, Pediatrics (Greer)
250. Erin Anderson, MD, Urology (Wellford)
251. Jessica Hill, DO, Psychiatry (Greenville)
252. Shawna McCafferty, MD, Pediatrics (Charleston)
253. Sumita Debroy, MD, Pediatrics (Charleston)
254. Claire MacGeorge, MD, Pediatrics (Charleston)
255. Elizabeth Haile, MD, Pediatrics (Columbia)
256. Natalie Bikulege, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
257. Elizabeth McCall, MD, Internal Medicine/Psychiatry (Mount Pleasant)
258. Hunter Altman, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
259. Natalie Gregory, MD, OBGYN (Mount Pleasant)
260. Spencer F. Robinson, DO, Emergency Medicine (Columbia)
261. Nicole Franklin, MD, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (Mount Pleasant)
262. Jan Dawkins, DO, School Psychology (Williamston)
263. Easter Pennington, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
264. Ariel Martin, DO, Pediatrics (Greenville)
265. Amy Baruch, MD, Pathology (Spartanburg)
266. Allison Moses, MD, Pediatrics (Sumter)
267. Aqil Surka, MD, Pediatrics (Spartanburg)
268. Natalie Christian, MD, Family Medicine - Geriatrics (Charleston)
269. Julie Ross, MD, Neonatal/Perinatal Medicine (Charleston)
270. Brittany Ross, DO, Pediatrics (Greenville)
271. Bess Milliron, MD, Pediatrics (Isle of Palms)
272. Ted Dunn, MD, Family Medicine (Mount Pleasant)
273. Laura Nolting, MD, Emergency Medicine (Columbia)
274. Richard Orr, MD, Surgery (Spartanburg)
275. Ryan Hensley, MD, Pediatrics (Easley)
276. Etta Nabors, DO, Pediatrics (Pelzer)
277. Anisha Kumar, MD, Pediatrics (Easley)
278. Ryan Slife, MD, Emergency Medicine (Columbia)
279. Jennifer Rafaele, MD, Pediatrics (Taylors)
280. Joseph Baber, DO, Gastroenterology (Greenville)
281. Hannah Galloway, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
282. Michael Rickoff, MD, Gastroenterology (Greer)
283. Adam Tyson, MD, OBGYN (Greenville)
284. Sarah Hensley, MD, Pain Management (Easley)
285. Robert Strehlow, MD, Urology (Spartanburg)
286. Aleta McGough, MD, Psychiatry (Irmo)
287. Andy Donlan, MD, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (Greenville)
288. Rima Patel, MD, Internal Medicine (Mount Pleasant)
289. Bennett Mack, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
290. Allison Williams, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
291. Maria Gacha, MD, Internal Medicine (Greer)
292. Rosanna Lapham, MD, Pathology (Spartanburg)
293. Gene Saylors, MD, Oncology (Mount Pleasant)
294. Maureen Burke, MD, Pediatrics (Mount Pleasant)
295. Scott Beane, MD, Pediatrics (Easley)
296. Leigh Bragg, MD, Pediatrics (Piedmont)
297. Julia Saylors, MD, Oncology (Mount Pleasant)
298. Damon Simpson, MD, Surgery (Mount Pleasant)
299. Jeff Derbas, MD, Physical Medicine & Rehabilatation (Greenville)
300. Margaret Lewis, MD, Emergency Medicine (Charlotte)
301. Paola Arce, MD, Pediatrics (Moore)
302. James Orcutt, MD, Hematolgy & Oncology (Charleston)
303. Denny Myers, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Hospitalist (Piedmont)
304. Russ Kolarik, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Hospitalist (Greenville)
305. Kathleen Head, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Charleston)
306. Kelly Kline, MD, OBGYN (Greenville)
307. Jessica Lee, MD, Otolaryngology (Mount Pleasant)
308. Omar Alexander, MD, Hospitalist (Taylors)
309. Jeffery Jones, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Greenville)
310. Jocelyn Renfrow, MD, Internal Medicine (Greenville)
311. Gretchen Coady, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Clover)
312. Brittiany Gray, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
313. Alice Salter, MD, Pediatrics (Charleston)
314. George Geils Jr., MD, Hematology & Oncology (Mount Pleasant)
315. Kimberly Rudd, MD, Geriatric Psychiatry (Columbia)
316. Brian Lingerfelt, MD, Hematology & Oncology (Mount Pleasant)
317. Tripp Mostertz, MD, Cardiology (Charleston)
318. Christina Lynn, MD, Psychiatry (Myrtle Beach)
319. Gregg Colbath, MD, MS, Orthopedic Surgery (Spartanburg)
320. Kathleen Woschkolup, MD, Neurology (Greenville)
321. Nick Brewer, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Piedmont)
322. Megan Miller, DO, Emergency Medicine (Hollywood)
323. Blake Shusterman, MD, Nephrology (Greenville)
324. Tanya Tang, DO, Nephrology (Greenville)
325. Joshua Brownlee, MD, Pediatric Infectious Disease (Greenville)
326. Mark Call, MD, Infectious Disease (Simpsonville)
327. Kristen Rollins, MD, Pediatrics (Columbia)
328. Edward Thomas Lewis III, MD, Psychiatry (Charleston)
329. Phillips DeRidder, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Irmo)
330. Dennis Kubinski, MD, Urologist (Sullivan's Island)
331. Amanda Redding, MD, Anesthesiology (Charleston)
332. Michael Peters, MD, Family Medicine (Greenville)
333. Katelyn Pratt, MD, OBGYN (Greenville)
334. Alejandro Suarez, MD, Gastroenterology (Charleston)
335. Rodica Catrinel Marinescu, MD, Neonatology (Greenville)
336. Meghan Geils, MD, Pediatrics (Johns Island)
337. Grace Dukes, MD, Pathology (Jenkinsville)
338. Mandana Farhadieh Morales, MD, Pediatrics (Fort Mill)
339. Shelly Shand, MD, Oncology (Charleston)
340. Elizabeth Zimmerman, MD, Family Medicine (Fort Mill)
341. Michelle Giroux, MD, Pediatrics (Piedmont)
342. David Ellison, MD, Oncology (Charleston)
343. Paul Catalana, MD, Pediatrics (Greer)
344. Marc Heincelman, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Charleston)
345. Craig Thompson, MD, Internal Medicine (Greenville)
346. Darcy Slizewski, MD, OBGYN (Greenville)
347. Jessica Groot, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
348. Rebecca Berdel, MD, Infectious Disease (Columbia)
349. Joy McFarland, MD, Internal Medicine (Greenville)
350. Raymond Flanders, MD, Pediatrics (Greer)
351. Stephanie Waldrop, MD, Hospitalist (Seneca)
352. Dan Nemeth, MD, Physiatry (Isle of Palms)
353. Kim Kinard, MD, Psychiatry (Columbia)
354. Lizabeth McLeod, MD, Pediatrics (Campobello)
355. Adrienne Pruitt, MD, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (Charleston)
356. Pamela Lyon, MD, Emergency Medicine (Columbia)
357. Brandon Anderson, MD, Internal Medicine (Simpsonville)
358. Adriane Soo, MD, Emergency Medicine (Charleston)
359. Hicham Yactine, MD, Internal Medicine (Nichols)
360. Suhail Kumar, MD, Rheumatology (Greenville)
361. William Beam, MD, Internal Medicine Hospitalist (Greenville)
362. Lindsay Foley, MD, OBGYN (Mount Pleasant)
363. Markus Loeffler, MD, Orthopedic Surgery (Greenville)
364. Daniel Keenan, MD, Internal Medicine (Anderson)
365. Laura Pirich, MD, Pediatric Hematology & Oncology (Columbia)
366. Caroline Brownlee, MD, Internal Medicine (Piedmont)
367. Silvia Smith, MD, Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics (Charleston)
368. Matthew Roehrs, MD, Family Medicine (Anderson)
369. Robert Greaves, MD, Emergency Medicine (Charleston)
370. Shirin Jafari-Namin, DO, Pediatrics (Charlotte)
371. Ryan Byrne, MD, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (Charleston)
372. Mark Wolken, MD, Ophthalmology (Anderson)
373. Richard O'Neal, MD, Oncology (Greenville)
374. Elizabeth Wallis, MD, Pediatrics (Charleston)
375. Elizabeth Kirlis, MD, Pediatrics (Mount Pleasant)
376. Will Bulsiewicz, MD, Gastroenterologist (Mount Pleasant)
377. Deborah Greenhouse, MD, Pediatrics (Columbia)
378. Carrie Cousar, MD, Radiology (Anderson)
379. Mary Beck, MD, OBGYN (Greenville)
380. Julie Linton, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
381. Christopher Vagnoni, MD, Internal Medicine Hospitalist (Anderson)
382. Anita Vagnoni, MD, Internal Medicine (Anderson)
383. David Greenhouse, MD, Geriatrics (Columbia)
384. Jennifer Poon, MD, Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics (Charleston)
385. Stephan Pill, MD, Orthopedic Surgery (Greenville)
386. Scott Witt, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
387. Maximillien Rappaport, DO, Internal Medicine - Endocrinology (Greenville)
388. Kent Stock, DO, Infectious Disease (Charleston)
389. Thomas Philip, MD, Internal Medicine - Hospitalist (Walhalla)
390. Erin Pichiotino, MD, Orthopedic Surgery (Greenville)
391. Eloise Prijoles, MD, Genetics (Columbia)
392. John Baker, MD, Family Medicine (Anderson)
393. Nathalie Malcolm, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (North Charleston)
394. Carl Sofley, MD, Internal Medicine (Anderson)
395. John Kelly, MD, Internal Medicine (Anderson)
396. Stephanie Walker, MD, Family Medicine (Greer)
397. Melody Franks, MD, Family Medicine (Anderson)
398. Dorenda Truesdale, MD, Family Medicine (Belton)
399. Charles Andrews, MD, Emergency Medicine (Charleston)
400. Karen Lommel, DO, Psychiatry & Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
401. Kameron Klosterman, MD, Family Medicine (Spartanburg)
402. Matthew Roehrs, MD, Family Medicine (Anderson)
403. Casey Berson, MD, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (Greer)
404. Charles Edsall, MD, Family Medicine/Sports Medicine (Anderson)
405. Kristen MacClenahan, MD, OBGYN (Piedmont)
406. Jeremy Davis, MD, Internal Medicine (Seneca)
407. Richard White, MD, Dermatology (Fort Mill)
408. Cara Litvin, MD, Internal Medicine (Charleston)
409. Thomas Powell, MD, Nephrology (Blythewood)
410. Jonathan Shoultz, MD, OBGYN (Greenville)
411. Carrie Ann Twedt, MD, OBGYN (Greenville)
412. Shorouk Ramahi, DO, Internal Medicine (Lexington)
413. TuAnh Khuu, MD, Internal Medicine (Mount Pleasant)
414. Leslie Scarlett, MD, Ophthalmology (Mount Pleasant)
415. Matthew Kornegay, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Charleston)
416. Spencer Lovelace, MD, Family Medicine (Chapin)
417. Anne Marie Good, MD, Pediatrics (Charleston)
418. Jennifer Smith, MD, Pediatric Anesthesiology (Charleston)
419. Michael Drake, MD, Anesthesiology (Piedmont)
420. Terri La Russo, DO, Internal Medicine (Greenville)
421. Nancy Song, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
422. Michael Drake, MD, Anesthesiology (Piedmont)
423. Lacey Menkin Smith, MD, Emergency Medicine (Charleston)
424. Chris Wicker, MD, Internal Medicine (Lexington)
425. Phillip Way, MD, Family Medicine (Greenville)
426. Brian Still, MD, Psychiatry (Mount Pleasant)
427. Hiliary Humphries, MD, Pediatrics (Easley)
428. Anand Achanti, MD, Nephrology (Charleston)
429. Hanna Sahhar, MD, Pediatrics (Spartanburg)
430. Mari Asper, MD, Psychiatry (Charleston)
431. Julia West, MD, Emergency Medicine & Palliative Care (Summerville)
432. Charles Bale, MD, OBGYN (Rock Hill)
433. Lee Katherine Moore, MD, Emergency Medicine (Johns Island)
434. Brandon Brown, MD, Family Medicine (North Charleston)
435. Pooja Elias, MD, Gastroenterology (Isle of Palms)
436. Erica Jordan, MD, Internal Medicine (Columbia)
437. Meredith Mitchell, MD, OBGYN (Beaufort)
438. Conrad Williams, MD, Pediatric Palliative Medicine (Charleston)
439. Emily Huggins, MD, Internal Medicine (Camden)
440. Anne LeClercq, MD, Dermatology (Mount Pleasant)
441. Jennifer Harris, MD, Internal Medicine (Greer)
442. Patti Moseley, MD, Pediatrics (Anderson)
443. Sara Kuhn, MD, Internal Medicine Hospitalist (Greenville)
444. Evgenia Kagan, MD, Infectious Disease (Charleston)
445. Alicia Tolbert, MD, Family Medicine (Clemson)
446. Kenneth Walters, MD, Pulmonary & Critical Care (Anderson)
447. Colin Webb, MD, General Surgery (Greenville)
448. Syed Malik, MD, Pulmonology (Anderson)
449. Brad Mock, MD, CMO of AnMed (Pendleton)
450. Joseph Mulvihill, MD, Family Medicine (Simpsonville)
451. Nicholas Perkins, DO, Hospitalist (Simpsonville)
452. Manju Lakra, MD, Family Medicine (Clemson)
453. Monia E Werlang, MD, Gastroenterology (Greenville)
454. Jared Block, MD, Hematopathology (Charlotte)
455. Deandra Clark, MD, Pediatrics (Anderson)
456. Paige Thompson, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
457. Lisa Clayton, MD, Pediatrics (Greer)
458. Kirby Smith, MD, Pediatrics (Charleston)
459. Jim Botts, MD, Hospitalist (Williamston)
460. Rachael Zweigoron, MD, Pediatrics (Mount Pleasant)
461. Mike Sabbagh, MD, Anesthesiologist (Charleston)
462. Griffin Cupstid, MD, Family Medicine (Spartanburg)
463. Frances Koch, MD, Neonatology (Mount Pleasant)
464. Christopher Davis, DO, Family Medicine (Spartanburg)
465. Jonathan Brock, MD/PhD, Pediatrics (Columbia)
466. Szabolcs Batizy, MD, Oncology (Retired) (Anderson)
467. Andrea Gregory, MD, Pediatrics (Greenwood)
468. Kimberly DuBose, MD, OBGYN (Greenville)
469. Rachel Ford, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
470. Howard Bean, MD, Family Medicine (Spartanburg)
471. India Chandler, MD, Neonatology (Greenville)
472. Timothy Sanders, MD, Family Medicine (Anderson)
473. Caroline Sanders, MD, Family Medicine (Anderson)
474. Kirstin Campbell, MD, Pediatrics (Mount Pleasant)
475. Christina Gutta, MD, Family Medicine/Sports Medicine (Greenville)
476. Charles Hatcher, MD, Pediatrics (Greer)
477. James Bloodworth, MD, Internal Medicine (Greenville)
478. Natawadee Young, MD, Family Medicine (Anderson)
479. Kristiana Neff, MD, Ophthalmology (Ladson)
480. Amanda Davis, MD, Family Medicine (Greenville)
481. George Osburn, MD, Internal Medicine (Anderson)
482. Andrea Pitts, MD, Family Medicine (Anderson)
483. Nonna Weinstein, DO, Family Medicine (Fort Mill)
484. Diana Clemow, MD, Family Medicine (Anderson)
485. Whitney Marvin, MD, Pediatric Critical Care (Charleston)
486. Ashley Wells, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
487. Alexis Jesup, MD, Family Medicine (Charleston)
488. Justin Davis, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
489. April Corley, MD, Family Medicine (Charlotte)
490. Natasha Juneja, MD, Child Psychiatry (Charleston)
491. Erin Brackbill, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
492. William O'Quinn, MD, Family Medicine (Branchville)
493. Andrew Thompson, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
494. Alice Walz, MD, Pediatric Critical Care (Charleston)
495. Warren Doyle, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
496. Matthew Ferguson, MD, Family Medicine (Mount Pleasant)
497. Harold G. Morse, MD, Internal Medicine Critical Care (Anderson)
498. Blake Marvin, MD, Family Medicine (Charleston)
499. Jason Buckland, DO, Psychiatry (Columbia)
500. Nancy Hart Wicker, MD, Family Medicine (Greenwood)
501. Laurie Theriot Roley, MD, Geriatric Medicine (Greenville)
502. Marlo Smith, MD, FAAP, Pediatrics (Beaufort)
503. Nikki Keisler, MD, Family Medicine (Hilton Head Island)
504. Anna Tucker, MD, Pediatrics (North Charleston)
505. Sara Short, MD, Pediatric Critical Care (Charleston)
506. Leah Layer, MD, Family Medicine (Greenville)
507. John Davis, MD, Internal Medicine (Charleston)
508. Mary Ann Shepard, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
509. Philip Keith, MD, Critical Care (Lexington)
510. Danielle Macina, DO, Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics (Charleston)
511. Greg Koch, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
512. David Potts, MD, Infectious Disease (Townville)
513. Carrie Johnson, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Greer)
514. Sam Stone, MD, Family Medicine (Chester)
515. Mary Martin, MD, Pediatrics (Greer)
516. Alanna Nutz, MD, Pediatrics (Greer)
517. Elizabeth Burton, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
518. John Demchak, DO, Internal Medicine (Rock Hill)
519. Sally Peterson, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
520. Amy Little, DO, Pediatrics (Clover)
521. Brittany Kizer Stovall, MD, Internal Medicine (Greenville)
522. Sarah Cottingham, MD, Family Medicine (Columbia)
523. Monica Ploetzke, MD, OBGYN (Sumter)
524. Ben Roth, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greer)
525. Stoney Abercrombie, MD, Family Medicine (Anderson)
526. Michael Seemuller, MD, Family Medicine (Anderson)
527. Mary Brittain Blankenship, MD, Internal Medicine (Greenville)
528. Melissa Boylan, MD, Family Medicine (Columbia)
529. Heather Staples, MD, Pediatric Pulmonology (Blythewood)
530. Katie Minton, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
531. Nathan Alexander, MD, Otolaryngology (Greenville)
532. Jennifer Adair, MD, Emergency Medicine (Mount Pleasant)
533. Michael Dougherty, DO, Pediatric Gastroenterologist (Greer)
534. Matthew Cline, MD, Family Medicine (Anderson)
535. Scott Carney, MD, Pediatric Hospitalist (Columbia)
536. Jay Blankenship, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
537. Amy Treece, MD, Pulmonolary Critical Care (Greenville)
538. Caitlin Collier, MD, Family Medicine (Anderson)
539. Sean Callahan, MD, Pulmonolary Critical Care (Greenville)
540. April Buchanan, MD, Pediatric Hospitalist (Greenville)
541. Colston McEvoy, MD, Pediatric Gastroenterology (Greenville)
542. Amanda Flynn, DO, Family Medicine (Anderson)
543. Elizabeth Winton, MD, Emergency Medicine (Charleston)
544. William Manning, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
545. Patrick O'Malley, MD, Emergency Medicine (Chapin)
546. Robby Bryant, MD, Family Medicine (Easley)
547. William Roberts, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Taylors)
548. Rhea Hsu, MD, Internal Medicine (Rock Hill)
549. Sarah Harris, MD, OBGYN (Greenville)
550. Marcia Suval, MD, Psychiatry (Simpsonville)
551. Jonathan Markowitz, MD, Pediatric Gastroenterology (Simpsonville)
552. Charles Cole, DO, Internal Medicine (Greenville)
553. Robin Malik, MD, Family Medicine (Charleston)
554. Kenny Jackson, MD, Family Medicine (Clemson)
555. Michelle Sayles, MD, Pediatrics (Simpsonville)
556. Fran Kunda, MD, Family Medicine (Chesnee)
557. Armin Meyer, MD, Pulmonolary Critical Care (Greer)
558. Stephanie Hrisko, MD, Psychiatry (Lexington)
559. Rajiv Joglekar, MD, Internal Medicine (Anderson)
560. Troy Phillips, DO, Family Medicine (Spartanburg)
561. Rebecca Burnside, MD, Pulmonary Critical Care (Columbia)
562. Ronald Malcolm, MD, Radiation Oncology (Johns Island)
563. Patrick Kent, MD, Infectious Disease (Greenville)
564. Sally Webb, MD, Pediatric Critical Care (Charleston)
565. Steven Templeton, DO, Pulmonary Critical Care (Columbia)
566. Cassandra Stewart, MD, Pediatrics (Charleston)
567. Bethany Powers, DO, Family Medicine (Greenville)
568. Jimmy Wells, MD, Hematology & Oncology (Lexington)
569. Logan Brenk, MD, Family Medicine (Anderson)
570. Sarah Wells, MD, Obesity & Lifestyle Medicine (Lexington)
571. Karen Lommel, DO, Psychiatry & Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
572. Saiward Glenn, MD, Family Medicine (Chesnee)
573. Carol Arya, MD, Emergency & Critical Care Medicine (Lexington)
574. David Guirao, MD, Internal Medicine (Greer)
575. Catie Carlson, MD, Critical Care Medicine (Charleston)
576. Scott Kellner, MD, Family Medicine (Anderson)
577. Jason Coben, MD, Family Medicine (Greer)
578. Thomas Pace, MD, Orthopedics (Greenville)
579. Khurram Rashid, MD, Internal Medicine (Lexington)
580. Muhammad Rashad, MD, Pulmonary Critical Care (Mount Pleasant)
581. Erin Seery, MD, Psychiatry (Charleston)
582. Brittany Williams, MD, Pediatrics (Piedmont)
583. Matthew Neal, MD, Pediatric Emergency Medicine (Piedmont)
584. Marc Saint-Jour, MD, Internal Medicine (Columbia)
585. Elizabeth Nimmich, MD, Infectious Disease (Lexington)
586. Candace Prince, DO, Family Medicine (Chapin)
587. Jayen Bhakta, MD, Pulmonary Critical Care (West Columbia)
588. Krista Wagoner, MD, OBGYN (Charleston)
589. Michelle Hudspeth, MD, Pediatric Hematology & Oncology (Mount Pleasant)
590. Rachel Houchins, MD, Psychiatrist (Ridgeway)
591. Jimmell Felder, MD, Pediatrics (Greenwood)
592. Steven Feingold, MD, Emergency Medicine (Mount Pleasant)
593. Cecily Hughes, MD, Pediatrics (Greenwood)
594. Josh Wyatt, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
595. Amanda Hartke, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
596. Christy Goben, MD, Pediatric Critical Care (Greenville)
597. Linda Perkins, MD, Pulmonary Critical Care (Columbia)
598. Sameena Khan, MD, Hospitalist (Lexington)
599. Katherine Ostapoff, MD, Surgical Oncology (Lexington)
600. Brad Clayton, MD, Psychiatry (Lexington)
601. Karen Gersch, MD, Cardiothoracic Surgery (Charleston)
602. Linda Fuqua, MD, Pediatrics (Greenwood)
603. Laura Morrison, MD, Family Medicine (Spartanburg)
604. Edward Penn, MD, Otolaryngology (Greenville)
605. Melissa Janse, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
606. John Quinn, MD, Anesthesiology (Columbia)
607. Nell Rose Steed, MD, Emergency Medicine (Spartanburg)
608. Baker Boles, MD, Family Medicine (Spartanburg)
609. Parthiv Kundaria, MD, Internal Medicine (West Columbia)
610. Betsy Adams, MD, Oncology (Pawleys Island)
611. Nichoas Daering, DO, Infectious Disease & Critical Care (Columbia)
612. Brandi Newsome, MD, Pulmonology (Lexington)
613. Navdeep Dhaliwal, MD Psychiatry (Charleston)
614. Tameka Funny, DO, Infectious Disease (Elgin)
615. Syed Gilani, MD, Pulmonology (Columbia)
616. Sangita Dash, MD, Infectious Disease (Columbia)
617. Kamia Sanasi-Bhola, MD, Infectious Disease (Columbia)
618. Maya Powers, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
619. Brenham Hughes, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Greenville)
620. Lara Wine Lee, MD, Pediatric Dermatology (Mount Pleasant)
621. Brent Powers, MD, MBA, FACP, FACHE, Internal Medicine (Lexington)
622. Anna Brownstein, DO, Pediatrics (Greenville)
623. Jessica Broadway, MD, Psychiatry (Charleston)
624. April Getz, MD, Family Medicine (Columbia)
625. Monica McCutcheon, MD, Pediatrics (Columbia)
626. Matthew Bitner, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
627. Michael Bernardo, MD, Family Medicine (Newberry)
628. Peter Daniel, MD, Ophthalmology (Greenville)
629. Kathleen Wiese, DO, Vascular Neurology (Charleston)
630. Melanie Hopkins, MD, Pathology (Myrtle Beach)
631. John Kudlak, DO, Pulmonary Critical Care (Greenville)
632. Ward Katsanis, MD, Gynecologic Oncolgy (Summerville)
633. Robert Pringle, MD, Cardiology (Mount Pleasant)
634. Emilio Perez-Jorge, MD, Infectious Disease (Lexington)
635. David McNeely, MD, Cardiology (Greenville)
636. Sola Kim, MD, Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine (Charleston)
637. Christina Payne, MD, Internal Medicine (Lexington)
638. Kamla Sanasi, MD, Infectious Disease (Columbia)
639. Jared Intaphan, MD, Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine (Charleston)
640. Zach Burroughs, MD, Pediatric Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
641. Matthew Kalapurakal, MD, Cardiology (Boiling Springs)
642. Laila Hussein, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Greenville)
643. Jaime Brown Price, MD, OBGYN (Lexington)
644. Russell Chapin, MD, Diagnostic Radiology (Mount Pleasant)
645. Rebecca Rupp, DO, Emergency Medicine (Charleston)
646. Patricia Cheek, MD, Internal Medicine - Nephrology (Greenville)
647. Heather Gallman, MD, Pediatrics (Greenwood)
648. Kathleen Domm, MD, Pediatrics (Mount Pleasant)
649. Kaitlyn Durr-Santos, DO, Pediatrics (Simpsonville)
650. Shilpy Kadian, MD, Internal Medicine (Elgin)
651. Abhinav Gupta, MD, Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine (Elgin)
652. Sarah Prinzi, MD, Pediatrics (Myrtle Beach)
653. Hope Brainard, DO, Internal Medicine (Irmo)
654. Griffin Morrisson, MD, Urology (West Columbia)
655. Megan McGarel, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Greenville)
656. Prexa Naik, MD, Family Medicine-Geriatrics (Columbia)
657. Justine DeCastro, MD, Family Medicine (Mount Pleasant)
658. Joseph Gram Praytor, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
659. Joyce Granger, MD, Pediatric Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
660. Katie Atkinson, MD, Pediatrics (Irmo)
661. Kara Huncik, MD, Pediatrics (Charleston)
662. Devi Walter, MD, Pediatrics (Lexington)
663. Allyson Price, DO, Pediatrics (Piedmont)
664. Matthew Philip Varner, DO, Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine (Lexington)
665. Himabindu Bandarupalli, MD, Internal Medicine (Greer)
666. Melissa Taylor, MD, Pediatrics (Fort Mill)
667. Anand Pariyadath, MD, Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine (Greenville)
668. Laura Winterfield, MD, Dermatology (Mount Pleasant)
669. Alicia Reams, MD, Internal Medicine (Fort Mill)
670. Stephen Parks, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greer)
671. Sylvia Parra, MD, Dermatology (Sumter)
672. Shean Aujla, MD, Pediatrics (Mount Pleasant)
673. Vanessa Mazzoli, MD, OBGYN (Greenville)
674. Narayanachar Murali, MD, Gastroenterology (Orangeburg)
675. Megan Redfern, MD, Pediatrics (Charleston)
676. Sau Yin Wan, MD, Critical Care (Greer)
677. Hunter Woodall, MD, Family Medicine (Anderson)
678. Lynn Wright, MD, Psychiatry (Simpsonville)
679. Bhavan Narala, MD, Pediatric Endocrinology (Lexington)
680. Claire Presswood, MD, Internal Medicine (Clover)
681. Rebecca M Cafiero, MD, Pediatrics (Charleston)
682. Pamela Baily, DO, MPH, Infectious Disease (Columbia)
683. Jennifer Braden, MD, Pediatrics (Mount Pleasant)
684. Allison Ranck, MD, Pediatrics (Seneca)
685. Hayley Guilkey, MD, Pediatrics (Conway)
686. Samuel Saleeby, MD, Gastroenterology (Irmo)
687. Ashley Duckett, MD, Internal Medicine (Charleston)
688. Tessa Gonzalez, MD, Pediatrics (Elgin)
689. Rajeev Bais, MD, Infectious Disease (Columbia)
690. Frederick Tecklenburg, MD, Pediatric Critical Care (Edisto Island)
691. Patricia Bouknight, MD, Family Medicine (Spartanburg)
692. Tyler Pace, MD, Ophthalmology (Simpsonville)
693. Leslie Wilke, DO, Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine (Mount Pleasant)
694. Amanda Joseph, DO, Psychiatry (Mount Pleasant)
695. Gisselle Castellanos, MD, Pediatrics (Creston)
696. Harold Springs, MD, Endocrinology (Fort Mill)
697. Kasonya Guerra, MD, Neonatology (Greenwood)
698. LaChianna Hamilton, DNP, Pediatrics (Bluffton)
699. Julia Owens, MD, Pediatrics (Charlotte)
700. Brian Mulroy, DO, Family Medicine (Greenville)
701. Andrew Hack, MD, Ophthalmology (Greenville)
702. Karen Leigh Watson, MD, Internal Medicine (Greenville)
703. Sai Pallimalli, MD, Pediatrics (Fort Mill)
704. Lindsey Cecil, MD, Family Medicine (Greenville)
705. Raymond Chahoud, DO, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
706. Gregory Smith, MD, Nephrology (Lexington)
707. Nancy Patel, DO, Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine (Greenville)
708. Carlos Guerrero, MD, Neurology (Charleston)
709. Madison Ferguson, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
710. Adam Ratchford, MD, Internal Medicine Hospitalist (Greenville)
711. Sarah Mennito, MD, Pediatrics (Charleston)
712. Elise Zivick, MD, Pediatric Critical Care (Charleston)
713. Ihab Shenouda, MD, FACS, General Surgery (Greer)
714. Jennifer Carney, DO, Pediatrics (Columbia)
715. Rhett Grinstead, MD, Internal Medicine (Simpsonville)
716. Xiomara Cohen, DO, Palliative Care (Greenville)
717. Antine Stenbit, MD, PhD, Pulmonary Critical Care (Greenville)
718. Sarah Rustin, MD, Emergency Medicine (North Augusta)
719. Margaret Sorrell, DO, Family Medicine (Charleston)
720. Joshua Cohe, DO, Gastroenterology (Greenville)
721. Elizabeth Kirlis, MD, Pediatrics (Mount Pleasant)
722. Poornema Ramasamy, MD, Internal Medicine (Columbia)
723. Erin Sparks, MD, Neurology (Charleston)
724. Jessica Boyd, MD, Pediatrics (Travelers Rest)
725. Zachary Kahler, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
726. Laura Rickenmann, MD, Pediatrics (Columbia)
727. Dalila Lewis, MD, Pediatric Neurology (Hanahan)
728. Scott Dobson, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
729. Blake Weathersby, MD, Nephrology (Mount Pleasant)
730. Kimberly Ashley, MD, Pediatrics (Sumter)
731. Andrew Anderson, MD, Radiology (Mount Pleasant)
732. Jessica Cook, MD, Family Medicine (Charleston)
733. Wade Reardon, MD, Ophthalmology (Greenville)
734. Georgia Ragonetti-Zebell, MD, OBGYN (Piedmont)
735. Rebecca Kalhorn, MD, Internal Medicine (Mount Pleasant)
736. Prishal Holloway, MD, Pediatrics (Lexington)
737. Amanda Overstreet, DO, Geriatrics (Charleston)
738. Emily Nelson, MD, Anesthesiology (Charleston)
739. Natalie Vajta, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
740. Donna Smith, MD, Pediatrics (Spartanburg)
741. Alison Smock, MD, Neurology (Mount Pleasant)
742. William Crymes, MD, Radiology (Charleston)
743. Thomas Dozier, MD, Otolaryngology (Mount Pleasant)
744. Erin Bailey, MD, Pediatrics (Spartanburg)
745. Steve Skinner, MD, Genetics (Greenwood)
746. Gabriella Ode, MD, Orthopedic Surgery (Greenville)
747. John B. Cahill, Jr., MD, Neonatology (Mount Pleasant)
748. John Eicken, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
749. Robert Quattlebaum, MD, Family Medicine (Clemson)
750. Romina Ilic, MD, Critical Care (Charleston)
751. Dina Sharps, DO, Internal Medicine - Hospitalist (Chapin)
752. Lori Huff, MD, Neonatology (Mount Pleasant)
753. Sarah Payne-Poff, MD, Pediatric Rheumatology (Greenville)
754. Charles Rittenberg, MD, Maternal-Fetal Medicine (Sullivan's Island)
755. Beth Cook, MD, OBGYN (North Charleston)
756. Rakhi Barkowski, MD, Internal Medicine (Easley)
757. Megan Boltin, MD, Pediatrics (Lexington)
758. Jodi Dingle, MD, Pediatric Rheumatology (Columbia)
759. Andy Leone, MD, Family Medicine, Geriatrics & Palliative Care (West Columbia)
760. Katherine Beben, MD, Family Medicine (Anderson)
761. Gene Brown, MD, Otolaryngology (Mount Pleasant)
762. Jennifer Jaroscak, MD, Pediatric Hematology & Oncology (Mount Pleasant)
763. Dorothea Jenkins, MD, Pediatrics (Johns Island)
764. Tricia Humphrey, MD, Pediatrics (Mount Pleasant)
765. Erin Casey, MD, OBGYN (Greenville)
766. William Yarbrough, MD, Cardiology (Charleston)
767. Angela Harper, MD, Psychiatry (Columbia)
768. Valerie Cacciatore, DO, OBGYN (Greenville)
769. Cameron Anderson, MD, Pediatrics (Charleston)
770. Alan Paysinger, MD, Internal Medicine (Newberry)
771. Nita Bijoor, MD, Family Medicine (Simpsonville)
772. Jay Johnson, DO, Emergency Medicine (Pawleys Island)
773. Erica Lowing, MD, OBGYN (Greenville)
774. Kurt Heitman, MD, Ophthalmology (Greenville)
775. Jenny Thompson, MD, Anesthesiology (Charleston)
776. Bryan Gibson, DO, Emergency Medicine (Pawleys Island)
777. Vienna Gibson, DO, Dermatology (Pawleys Island)
778. Todd Gallman, MD, Family Medicine (Greenwood)
779. Rick Foster, MD, Family Medicine (Columbia)
780. Jason Hood, MD, OBGYN (Piedmont)
781. Alex Tillotson, MD, Psychiatry (Charleston)
782. Jeannie Dias, DO, Internal Medicine (Simpsonville)
783. William Dixon, MD, Family Medicine (Prosperity)
784. Erica Anderson, DO, Rheumatology (Charleston)
785. Oscar Lovelace, MD, Family Medicine (Chapin)
786. Lee Allison, MD, Family Medicine (Mount Pleasant)
787. Janet D'Agostino, DO, Hospitalist (Isle of Palms)
788. Aundie Bishop, MD, Anesthesiology (Spartanburg)
789. Annette Lynn, MD, Dermatology (Columbia)
790. Austin Rampey, MD, Family Medicine (Greenwood)
791. Samuel Clarke, MD, Family Medicine (Greenwood)
792. John Burrell, MD, Family Medicine (Spartanburg)
793. Francisco Polanco, MD, Hospitalist (Greenwood)
794. Margaret Curran, MD, Rheumatology (Spartanburg)
795. Lauren Das, MD, Psychiatry (Charleston)
796. Alyssa Braxton, MD, Psychiatry (Charleston)
797. Tobin Moss, MD, Internal Medicine - Geriatrics (Columbia)
798. Laura Burdette, MD, Psychiatry (Mount Pleasant)
799. Kristine Martin, MD, OBGYN (Greenville)
800. Kelli Williams, MD, Pediatric Allergy & Immunology (Charleston)
801. Candi Jump, DO, Pediatric Gastroenterology (Charleston)
802. Natash Ruth, MD, Pediatric Rheumatology (Mount Pleasant)
803. Kasi Nagraj, MD, Pediatric Gastroenterology (Mount Pleasant)
804. Janaina Nogueira Anderson, Pediatric Gastroenterology (Mount Pleasant)
805. Justin Roman, MD, Ophthalmology (Greenville)
806. Becky White, MD, Pediatrics (Newberry)
807. Crystal Maxwell, MD, Family Medicine (Fort Mill)
808. Carmine Suppa, DO, Pediatrics (Charleston)
809. Grace Suppa, DO, Rheumatology (Charleston)
810. Lhissa Santana, MD, Dermatology (Greenwood)
811. Patrick O'Toole, DO, Emergency Medicine (Myrtle Beach)
812. Kelsey Spearman, MD, Family Medicine (Greenwood)
813. Macey Barnes, MD, OBGYN (Walhalla)
814. Maria Streck, MD, Allergy & Immunology (Mount Pleasant)
815. Grayson Sumner, DO, Family Medicine (Greenwood)
816. Nakia Smith, MD, Pediatrics (Orangeburg)
817. Georgia Roane, MD, Rheumatology (Isle of Palms)
818. Rachael Gross-McConnell, DO, Family Medicine (Orangeburg)
819. Rajivkumar Amipara, MD, Infectious Disease (Columbia)
820. Meredith Moore, MD, Allergy & Immunology (Mount Pleasant)
821. Vann Beth Shuler, MD, Family Medicine (Orangeburg)
822. Kevin McRedmond, MD, Pediatric Hematology & Oncology (Chapin)
823. Brigid Sullivan, MD, Family Medicine (Mount Pleasant)
824. Viarda Polanco, MD, Pediatrics (Greenwood)
825. Thomas Bradberry, MD, PhD, Internal Medicine (Newberry)
826. Roger Sullivan, MD, Dermatology (Mount Pleasant)
827. Anna Paysinger, MD, Emergency Medicine (Aiken)
828. Carryn Rice, MD, Pediatrics (Columbia)
829. Stephanie Curry, MD, Family Medicine - Geriatrics (Irmo)
830. Jordan Whatley, MD, Pediatric Gastroenterology (Charleston)
831. Neelam James, DO, Family Medicine (Seneca)
832. Robin Garrell, MD, Hospitalist (Spartanburg)
833. Clarissa Reynoso, MD, Pediatrics (Greenwood)
834. Moises Salcie, MD, Internal Medicine (Greenwood)
835. Michael Mefford, MD, Psychiatry (Mount Pleasant)
836. Nithya Natrajan, MD, Family Medicine (Cayce)
837. Mallory Alkis, MD, Maternal-Fetal Medicine/OBGYN, (Mount Pleasant)
838. Thomas Harper, MD, Allergy & Immunology (Charleston)
839. Lakshmi Katikaneni, MD, Neonatology (Charleston)
840. Aprel Barnes, MD, Pediatrics (West Columbia)
841. Sabino D'Agostino, DO, Neurosurgery (Isle of Palms)
842. Renee Joseph, MD, Internal Medicine (Greenville)
843. Katie Fee, MD, Family Medicine (Greenwood)
844. Lisa Headley, MD, OBGYN (Greenville)
845. Nancy Henderson, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
846. Mary-Fran Crosswell, MD, Child Abuse Pediatrics (Greenville)
847. Ann Harriott Ervin, MD, Dermatology (Columbia)
848. Nirav Pathak, MD, Hospitalist (Columbia)
849. Emily Foster, MD, Pediatric Neurology (Greenville)
850. Hamza Khan, MD, Pediatrics (Charleston)
851. Ravi Rao, MD, Neonatology (Columbia)
852. Liz Chea, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
853. Cynthia Wilson, MD, Dermatology (Charleston)
854. Brian Lum, MD, Family Medicine (Spartanburg)
855. Subhashini Subramaniam, MD, Nephrology (Boiling Springs)
856. Donna-Marie Koroma, MD, Family Medicine (Moore)
857. Laura Johnson, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Simpsonville)
858. Lyle Lesesne Pritchard, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
859. Matthew Halliday, MD, Neonatology (Simpsonvile)
860. Katherine Chetta, MD, Neonatology (Mount Pleasant)
861. Elaine Apperson, MD, Pediatric Endocrinology (Greenville)
862. Vishal Agrawal, MD, Critical Care (Mount Pleasant)
863. Ayub Merchant, MD, Gastroenterology (Greer)
864. Ian Gidden, MD, Family Medicine (Greenwood)
865. Brett Murphy, MD, Internal Medicine - Hospitalist (Clemson)
866. Rory Guenther, MD, Cardiology (Charleston)
867. Andrea Bryan, MD, Urgent Care (Greenville)
868. Meleigh Groff, DO, Family Medicine (Greenwood)
869. Elaine Conradi Eustis, MD, OBGYN (Mount Pleasant)
870. Tenley Murphy, MD, Sports Medicine (Clemson)
871. Manisha Patel, MD, Cardiology -Congenital Heart Disease (Greenville)
872. Judy Chen, MD, OBGYN (Greenville)
873. Lindsay McAmis Gouge, MD, Pediatrics (Simpsonville)
874. Stephanie Provost Johnston, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
875. Erica Savage-Jeter, MD, Family Medicine (Jonesville)
876. Imelda Uy, MD, Neonatology (Spartanburg)
877. John Ansley, MD, Otolaryngology (Orangeburg)
878. Matt Grisham, MD, Pediatrics (Easley)
879. Joe McElwee, MD, Family Medicine & Psychiatry (Anderson)
880. Kevin Springle, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
881. Madhusudhan Sunkavalli, MD, Gastroenterology (Greenville)
882. William R. Blackman, MD, Internal Medicine (Piedmont)
883. Jason Buckley, MD, Pediatric Cardiology (Charleston)
884. Jennifer Mihalik, MD, General Surgery (Cheraw)
885. Helen Gray, MD, Family Medicine (Greenwood)
886. Kalpit Devani, MD, Gastroenterology (Simpsonville)
887. Mark Pittman, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
888. Morgan Khawaja, MD, Pediatrics (Mount Pleasant)
889. Anjani Jammula, MD, Gastroenterology (Simpsonville)
890. Daniel Lapp, MD, Pediatrics (Simpsonville)
891. Maritere Nazario, MD, Pediatrics (Charleston)
892. Subash Ala, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Simpsonville)
893. Mark Krom, DO, Pediatrics (Greenville)
894. Lauren Lucas, MD, Pediatrics (Mount Pleasant)
895. Matthew Robinson, DO, Internal Medicine (Greenville)
896. James Spearman, MD, Family Medicine - Hospitalist (Spartanburg)
897. Sarah Heincelman, MD, Family Medicine (Moncks Corner)
898. Lynn Crymes, MD, OBGYN (Charleston)
899. Kendall Headden, MD, Anesthesiology (Mount Pleasant)
900. Carter Ellis, MD, Dermatology (Mount Pleasant)
901. Luke Edmondson, MD, Pediatrics (Charleston)
902. Sunny Patel, DO, Psychiatry (Simpsonville)
903. Adnan Aqeel, MD, Internal Medicine (Greenville)
904. Allison Hudson, DO, Internal Medicine (Greer)
905. Marc Ciesco, DO, Hospitalist (Taylors)
906. Melissa Mahajan, MD, Anesthesiology (Charleston)
907. Marissa Cartwright, MD, Internal Medicine (Greenville)
908. Nikita Lindsay, MD, Pediatrics (Fort Mill)
909. Choncharoen Amphan, MD, Internal Medicine (Greer)
910. Kamran Ghumman, MD, Internal Medicine (Greenville)
911. Thanh Tran, MD, Internal Medicine (Greer)
912. Claire Birdsong, MD, Family Medicine (Columbia)
913. Bradley Oliver, MD, Internal Medicine (Greenville)
914. Christina Bauer, MD, Gastroenterology (Piedmont)
915. Jimmy Kennis, MD, Anesthesiology (Johns Island)
916. Rebecca Wineland, MD, Maternal Fetal Medicine (Mount Pleasant)
917. Sunjay Nunley, MD, Pediatric Neurology (Greenville)
918. Lakshmi Penugonda, MD, Anesthesiology (Columbia)
919. Dheeraj Puppala, MD, Internal Medicine (Lexington)
920. Mohan Natrajan, DO, Family Medicine (Columbia)
921. Jamie Freelin, MD, Internal Medicine (Greenville)
922. Bala Swaminathan, MD, Hospitalist (Simpsonville)
923. Amanda Walden, MD, Anesthesiology (Columbia)
924. Catherine McClung Smith, MD, Pediatric Neurosurgery (Columbia)
925. Ansal Shah, MD, Infectious Disease (Columbia)
926. Alan Nussbaum, MD, Rheumatology (Charleston)
927. Alexis Stokes, MD, Family Medicine (Greer)
928. Zafar Hossain, MD, Internal Medicine (Anderson)
929. Saeeda Chowdhury, MD, Oncology (Greenville)
930. Megan Hanna, MD, Family Medicine (Greenville)
931. Laura Gorham MD, OBGYN (Greenville)
932. Ravish Kothari MD, Neurology (Blythewood)
933. Clarice Clemmens MD, Pediatric Otolaryngology (Charleston)
934. Nathan Moroski MD, Orthopedic Surgery (Clemson)
935. Carol Wagner, MD, Neonatology (Charleston)
936. John Durham, MD, Nephrology (Orangeburg)
937. DeAnna Cheek, MD, Nephrology (Charleston)
938. Matthew Edwards, MD, Family Medicine (Spartanburg)
939. Naiab Naser Chowdhury, MD, Family Medicine (Greenwood)
940. Jonathan Ashley, MD, Family Medicine (Sumter)
941. Harriet Wingrove, MD, Family Medicine (Greenwood)
942. David White, MD, Pediatric Otolaryngology (Mount Pleasant)
943. Lesley Jackson, MD, Family Medicine (Greenwood)
944. Elizabeth Atkinson, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greer)
945. Elizabeth Moroski, MD, Pediatric Hospitalist (Clemson)
946. Sylvia Clarkson, MD, Family Medicine (Mount Pleasant)
947. Lucy Davis, MD, Family Medicine (Charleston)
948. Shiv Patel, MD, Family Medicine (Greenville)
949. Donna McGee, MD, Family Medicine (Boiling Springs)
950. William Curran, MD, Pulmonology (Simpsonville)
951. Carlos Manalich, MD, Internal Medicine (Greenwood)
952. Michael Lyons, MD, Genetic (Mount Pleasant)
953. Ashley Flesher, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
954. Chad Friel, MD, Internal Medicine (Greenville)
955. Jeremy Byrd, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Mauldin)
956. Donna Ray, MD, Internal Medicine - Geriatrics (Columbia)
957. Luke Spangler, MD, Family Medicine (Columbia)
958. Christopher Powers, MD, Internal Medicine-Palliative Care (Spartanburg)
959. Sidharth Patel, MD, Family Medicine (Anderson)
960. Ajay Gade, MD, Internal Medicine (Myrtle Beach)
961. Chris Register, DO, Emergency Medicine (Pawleys Island)
962. Ratha Amarnath, MD, Gastroenterology (Lexington)
963. Rifat Hassan, MD, Internal Medicine (Lowndesville)
964. Long Quan, MD, Dermatology (Columbia)
965. Beth Murray, MD, Family Medicine (Charleston)
966. Ernest Murray, MD, Internal Medicine (Charleston)
967. Leah McBee, MD, Pediatrics (Charleston)
968. Asif Kidwai, MD, Pediatrics (Duncan)
969. Juan Bonetti, MD, Pediatrics (Donalds)
970. Lauren Jones, MD, OBGYN (Greenville)
971. Chris Roxon, MD, Family Medicine (Ninety Six)
972. Emilie Bartlett, MD, Pediatrics (Columbia)
973. Kathryn Imgrund, MD, OBGYN (Columbia)
974. Beth Motley, MD, Family Medicine (Greenville)
975. Huma Aftab, MD, Family Medicine (Easley)
976. Eric Pride, MD, Nephrology (Johns Island)
977. Amanda Pennington, MD, Family Medicine (Rock Hill)
978. Caroline Keller, MD, OBGYN (Charleston)
979. Amy Welcome, MD, Internal Medicine (Greenville)
980. Bert Knight, MD, Palliative Care (Spartanburg)
981. Julia Isom, DO, Family Medicine (Johns Island)
982. Ervin Lowther, MD, Radiology (Travelers Rest)
983. Amit Patel, DO, Internal Medicine (Columbia)
984. Barry Gibney, DO, Thoracic Surgery (Charleston)
985. David Lazarus, MD, Orthopedic Surgery (Greenville)
986. Nicholas Honko, MD, Internal Medicine (Charleston)
987. Eryn Bass, DO, Family Medicine - Hospitalist (Spartanburg)
988. Marisa McNeal, DO, Internal Medicine (Taylors)
989. Anoosheh Moghbeli, MD, Pediatrics (Blythewood)
990. Tamara Johnson, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
991. Allie McCrae, MD, Trauma Surgery (Sullivans Island)
992. Aaron Price, DO, General Surgery (Piedmont)
993. Mark Siegel, MD, Pediatrics (Mount Pleasant)
994. Michael Oehler, MD, Family Medicine (Columbia)
995. Adam Mathes, MD, Neurosurgery (Piedmont)
996. Andrew Rampey, MD, Otolaryngology (Greenville)
997. Alan Anderson, MD, Pediatric Hematology & Oncology (Greenville)
998. John Hanna, MD, Neurology (Greenville)
999. Linda Klumpp, MD, Infectious Disease (Lexington)
1000. John Chandler, MD, Pediatric Surgery (Greenville)
1001. Rebecca Cook, MD, Pediatric Hematology & Oncology (Greenville)
1002. Eizabeth Diaz, MD, Pediatric Critical Care (Charleston)
1003. Nicole Edwards, DO, Family Medicine (Columbia)
1004. Ben Theobald, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
1005. Andrea Giblin, DO, Infectious Disease (Mt Pleasant)
1006. Subash Regmi, MD, Critical Care (Lexington)
1007. Robert Lusik, MD, Family Medicine/Urgent Care (Bluffton)
1008. Adner Pazo, MD, Emergency Medicine (Charleston)
1009. Melody Miller, DO, Pediatrics (Greer)
1010. Matthew Logan, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greenwood)
1011. Juan Camps, MD, Pediatric Surgery (Columbia)
1012. John Wattenbarger, MD , Peds ortho (Piedmont)
1013. Cate Lounsbury, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
1014. Megan Smith, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
1015. John Beasley, MD, Family Medicine (Greenwood)
1016. Melissa Evans, MD, Pediatric Critical Care (Charleston)
1017. Amy Ramsay, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
1018. Juliana Atkins, MD, Family Medicine (Ninety Six)
1019. Savanna Dincman, MD, Pediatric Emergency Medicine (Johns Island)
1020. Chelsea McCoy, DO, Internal Medicine (Newberry)
1021. Antoinette Rutherford, MD, Intensive care (Columbia)
1022. Andrew Glover, MD, Internal Medicine (Myrtle Beach)
1023. Sara Marcino, MD, Psychiatrist (Charleston)
1024. Steve Martin, MD, Pediatric Oncology (Greenville)
1025. Edward Kilb, MD, Pulmonary and Critical Care (Charleston)
1026. W. Grant Willard IV, MD, Pediatrics (Columbia)
1027. Bryant Byrne, MD, Adolescent Psychiatry (Greenville)
1028. Jonathan Eichorn, DO, Hospitalist (Spartanburg)
1029. Suzanne Schwab, MD, Family Medicine/Addiction Medicine (Lexington)
1030. Carlos Torres, MD, Family Medicine (Columbia)
1031. Amaka Ofodu, MD, Med/Peds (Greenville)
1032. Amber Childers, DO, Family Medicine (Due West)
1033. Randel Abrams, MD, Surgery (retired) (Easley)
1034. George Haddad, MD, General Pediatrics (Greenville)
1035. Margaret O'Sell, MD, Family Medicine (Greenwood)
1036. Mark Ghegan, MD, Otolaryngology (Mt Pleasant)
1037. Eugene Kim, MD, Anesthesiology (Greenville)
1038. Dominic Gault, MD, Pediatric Sleep Medicine (Simpsonville)
1039. Michelle Carney, MD, Infectious Diseases (Spartanburg)
1040. Timothy Ryan, DO, Emergency Medicine (Pawleys Island)
1041. George Keogh, MD, Hematology/Oncology (Charleston)
1042. Alice Savage, MD, Family Medicince (Mt Pleasant)
1043. Jeff Cashman, DO, Family Medicine (Spartanburg)
1044. Zachary Wood, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Greenville)
1045. Geetika Dembla , MD, Psychiatry (Greer)
1046. David Bowen, MD, Pediatrics (Greenwood)
1047. R. Curtis Rogers, MD, Pediatrics and Genetics (Greer)
1048. Maryann Terzella, MD, Pediatrics (Simpsonville)
1049. Anna Lim-Kates, MD, Family medicine (Lexington)
1050. Kiran Nagarajan, MD, Hospitalist (Fort Mill)
1051. Sabrina King, MD, Family Medicine (Greenville)
1052. Michelle Lally, MD, Pediatrics (Sullivans Island)
1053. Jerry Banks, MD, Family Medicine (Myrtle Beach)
1054. Jennifer Horawski, MD, Family Medicine (Myrtle Beach)
1055. Kathryn Cristaldi, MD, Pediatrics (Charleston)
1056. Jacob Trimble, MD, Family Medicine (Myrtle Beach)
1057. Lee Blackmon, MD, Psychiatry (Greenville)
1058. Raymond Romano, DO, Family Medicine (Simpsonville)
1059. Bhatraphol Tingpej, MD, Internal medicine/ infectious disease (Columbia)
1060. Chrysoula Pappa, MD, Rheumatology (Mt Pleasant)
1061. Megan Howard, MD, Psychiatry (West Columbia)
1062. Stephen Ballis, MD, Pediatrics (Johns Island)
1063. Patricia Witherspoon, MD, Family Medicine (Irmo)
1064. Brad Sieckman, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
1065. Eveleen Randall ,MD, Cardiology (Greenville)
1066. Tonya Edwards, MD, Family Medicine (Greenville)
1067. Betsy Adams, MD, Oncology (Pawleys Island)
1068. Ting Han, MD, Family medicine (Myrtle Beach)
1069. Judith Volkar, MD, Ob/gyn (Elgin)
1070. Melanie Connah, MD, Family Medicine (Central)
1071. Chelsea Reynolds, DO, Pediatrics (West Columbia)
1072. Cecelia Favede, MD, Pediatrics (Columbia)
1073. Alyssa Zeitouni, MD, Pediatrics (Columbia)
1074. Abigail Laughter, MD, Pediatrics (Easley)
1075. Ashley Ruppel, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
1076. Dominic Johnson, MD, Cardiology (Travelers Rest)
1077. Sonal Patel, MD, Pediatrics (Irmo)
1078. Benjamin Jackson, MD, Pediatric Emergency Medicine (Isle Of Palms)
1079. Ashlee Davis, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
1080. Marissa Copeland, DO, Family medicine (Easley)
1081. Chelsea Reynolds, DO, Pediatrics (West Columbia)
1082. Amanda Goins, DO, Internal Medicine-Hospitalist (Columbia)
1083. Amy Jackson, DO, Family Medicine (Greenwood)
1084. Ben Friday, MD, Family Medicine (Spartanburg)
1085. Michael Foxworth II, MD, Pediatrics/ Pediatric Infectious Diseases (Florence)
1086. Sneha Shanbhag, DO, Internal medicine (Greenville)
1087. Ahsheema Bacchus, MD, Family (Taylors)
1088. Victoria Shadiack, DO, FM/ONMM (Greenville)
1089. Lindsay Moye, MD, Pediatric Gastroenterology (Greenville)
1090. Jared Geist, MD, Gastroenterology (Greenville)
1091. Patrick Williams , MD, Anesthesiology (Piedmont)
1092. Swathi Beeravolu, MD, Endocrinologist (Lexington)
1093. Mark Kovacs, MD, Radiology (Mount Pleasant)
1094. Joseph Decosmo, MD, Family Medicine (Greenville)
1095. Amanda Andrews, MD, Neurology (North Augusta)
1096. Elizabeth-Clare Porter, MD, Psychiatry (Irmo)
1097. Mary Dugan, MD, Pediatrics (Johns Island)
1098. Rose Coady, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Greenville)
1099. Thomas Murphy, MD, Clinical immunology (Charleston)
1100. Jessica Shriver, MD, Pediatrics (Cayce)
1101. Jennifer Murphy , MD, Rheumatologist (Charleston)
1102. Keith Williams, MD, Pediatrics (Columbia)
1103. Humaira Khalid, MD, Internal medicine (Greenville)
1104. Thomas Krajewski, MD, Family Medicine (Myrtle Beach)
1105. Sara Ritchie, MD, Pediatrics (Charleston)
1106. Daphne Karel, MD, Family Medicine (Greenwood)
1107. Anthony Shadiack, DO, Family Medicine/Sports Medicine (Myrtle Beach)
1108. Stephanie Kwon, DO, Pediatrics (Charleston)
1109. Blake Hodges, MD, Family Medicine (Greenwood)
1110. Max Baker, MD, Pediatrics (Columbia)
1111. Douglas Moore, MD, Family practice (Abbeville)
1112. Helen Latham, MD, OB/gyn (Sumter)
1113. Alvin Lewis, MD, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (Charleston)
1114. Christopher Bryant, MD, Pediatrics (Lexington)
1115. Jason Herlong, MD, Interventional Pain Medicine (Lexington)
1116. Khalea Hayward, MD, Family Medicine (Greenville)
1117. Milap Patel, MD, Pediatrics (Columbia)
1118. Joshua Lawson, MD, Radiation oncology (West Columbia)
1119. Kimberly Lee, MD, Neonatology (Mt Pleasant)
1120. Andrew Burgess, MD, Pediatrics and Internal Medicine (Greenville)
1121. Travis Greer, MD, Pulmonary/Critical Care (Simpsonville)
1122. Erin Lawson, MD, Anesthesiology/pain (Lexington)
1123. Jeff Cashman, DO, Family Medicine (Spartanburg)
1124. Teddy McRackan, MD, Ent (Charleston)
1125. Patricia Sadler, MD, Internal Medicine (Clinton)
1126. Stephanie Gibson, MD, Pediatrics (Columbia)
1127. Monica Greenbaum, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
1128. Sara Cathey, MD, Clinical Genetics, Pediatrics (North Charleston)
1129. Jeff Holloway, MD, Pediatrics (Lexington)
1130. Jill McLeod, MD, OBGYN (Sumter)
1131. Nathaniel Kesner, DO, Internal Medicine (Fort Mill)
1132. Kimberly Lee, MD, Neonatology (Mt Pleasant)
1133. Kristen Kyler, DO, Pediatrics (Charleston)
1134. Matt Day, DO, Critical care medicine (Lexington)
1135. Helen Brown, MD, OB/GYN (Moore)
1136. Stella Walvoord, MD, Ob/GYN (Greenville)
1137. John Watts, MD , Pediatrics (Charleston)
1138. Cassandra Stegall, DO, Pediatrician (Charleston)
1139. Melanie Gray Miller, MD, Pediatrics (Charleston)
1140. Robert Smith, MD, Family Med (Prosperity)
1141. Joshua Visserman, MD, Family Medicine (Charleston)
1142. Zachary Milcawich, MD, Family medicine (Seneca)
1143. Laura Valleni, MD, MSPH, FAAP, Pediatrics/Neonatology (Columbia)
1144. Neal Burkhalter, MD, Otolaryngology (Columbia)
1145. Adam Bartholomeo, MD, Pediatrics (Charleston)
1146. Temujin Chavez, MD, Infectious Diseases (Florence)
1147. Mary Hamilton, MD, Pediatrics (Charleston)
1148. Karen Ratliff-Schaub, MD, Developmental Pediatrics (Greenville)
1149. Allison Steinauer, MD, Pediatrics (Charleston)
1150. Eugenia Pugach, DO, Anesthesiology (Charleston)
1151. Daniel Krcelic, MD, Vascular Surgery (Charleston)
1152. Holly Burchett, MD, Pediatrics (Charleston)
1153. Phyllis MacGilvray, MD, Family Medicine (Cleveland)
1154. Henry Burchett, MD, EM (Charleston)
1155. Catherine Burbage, MD, Hematology and Oncology (Pawleys Island)
1156. Jacob Ringenberg, MD, Family Medicine (Greenwood)
1157. Beverly Ellington, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
1158. Brittany Farrow, MD, Family Medicine (Greenville)
1159. Molly Hook, MD, Internal Medicine (Columbia)
1160. Dean Phillips, MD, Pediatrics (Charleston)
1161. Annah Kirkley, MD, Internal Medicine (Camden)
1162. Shelby Bryant, MD, Pediatrics (Greer)
1163. Sarah Guess, MD, Family & Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
1164. Delini Sivakumar, MD, Neurology (Greer)
1165. Robert Todd, MD, Family Medicine (Abbeville)
1166. Mieke Perez, MD, Hospitalist (Lexington)
1167. Bryan Brooks, MD, OBGYN (Greenville)
1168. Karen Keane, DO, Pediatrics (Beaufort)
1169. Timothy Keane, DO, Pediatrics (Beaufort)
1170. Stella Walvoord, MD, Ob/Gyn (Greenville)
1171. Charles Shissias, MD, Neurologist/ Psychiatrist (Beaufort)
1172. Karin Jenkins, MD, Internal Medicine (Camden)
1173. Suzanne Gayton, MD, Emergency medicine (Myrtle Beach)
1174. Allison Venturella, MD, Ob/Gyn (Belton)
1175. Prasad Munusamy, MD, Family Medicine (Myrtle Beach)
1176. Stephanie Whitener, MD, Anesthesiology and Critical Care (Mt Pleasant)
1177. Lawrence Coleman, MD, Pediatrician (Okatie)
1178. Charles Kemmler, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
1179. Thomas Kyle, MD, Internal Medicine (Johns Island)
1180. Maryellen Kyle, MD, Internal Medicine (Johns Island)
1181. Wajid Siddiqui, MD, Infectious disease (Columbia)
1182. Andy McNulty, MD, Internal Medicine (Charleston)
1183. Chelsea Eason, MD, Dermatology (Charleston)
1184. Christie Thomas , MD, Pediatrics (Lexington)
1185. Katherine Kyle, DO, General internal medicine (Charleston)
1186. Ralph Riley, MD, Family medicine (Saluda)
1187. Ronald McVicar, DO, Otolaryngology (Charleston)
1188. Paul Christenberry, MD, Surgery (Camden)
1189. Faith Polkey, MD, Pediatrics and Preventive Medicine (Okatie)
1190. Lisa Darby, MD, Vascular medicine (Greenville)
1191. Jamie Singleton, MD, Pediatrics (Beaufort)
1192. Jill Boland, MD, ObGyn (Greenville)
1193. Jason Herlong, MD, Anesthesiology (USAF Academy)
1194. Blake Wynia, MD, Urology (Greenville)
1195. Gary Haney, MD, Surgery (Lexington)
1196. William Boggs, MD, OBGYN (Columbia)
1197. Brian Hurley, MD, Internal Medicine (Columbia)
1198. Brendan Neary, MD, Family Medicine (Charleston)
1199. Elizabeth Huntley, MD, Pediatric Hospitalist (Beaufort)
1200. H. Biemann Otherson, MD, Pediatric Surgery (Charleston)
1201. Andy Iriza, DO, PCCM (Blythewood)
1202. Cedric Rivers, MD, Internal Medicine (Blythewood)
1203. Jerome Aya-ay, MD, Family Medicine (Spartanburg)
1204. Jennifer Otherson, MD, Nephrology (Columbia)
1205. Henry Otherson, MD, Psychiatry (Chapin)
1206. Johan Hernandez, MD, Family Medicine (Columbia)
1207. Ralph Riley, MD, Family Medicine (Saluda)
1208. Matthew McGee, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
1209. Harris Sloane, MD, Orthopedic Surgery (Charleston)
1210. Susan Demartini, MD, Pediatric Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
1211. Louise Sutton Boyd, MD, OBGYN (Florence)
1212. Marshall Meadors, MD, Family Medicine (Anderson)
1213. James Lipke, MD, Family Medicine (Mount Pleasant)
1214. Lee Day, MD, Rheumatology (Lexington)
1215. Jessica Rabon, PsyD, Pediatric Psych (Greenville)
1216. Bonnie Grossman, MD, Family Medicine Hospitalist (Columbia)
1217. Isabella Adjinah, DO, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (Columbia)
1218. April Richardson, MD, Psychiatry (Greenville)
1219. Eric Ring, MD, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology (Aiken)
1220. Grant Filowitz, MD, Internal Medicine (Greenville)
1221. Tara Wheeler, DO, Family Medicine (Spartanburg)
1222. Anthony Greer, MD, Ophthalmology (Aiken)
1223. Emilie Flament, DO, Pediatrics (Greenville)
1224. Marc Haro, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon (Mount Pleasant)
1225. Matt Elliott, MD, Anesthesiology (Anderson)
1226. Antoinette Bannister, MD, Pediatrics (Clemson)
1227. Adam Hudepohl, MD, Family Medicine (Mount Pleasant)
1228. Rachel Vidal, MD, Hospitalist (Columbia)
1229. Jerry Ferlauto, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
1230. Michael Rupp, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
1231. Isaac Dillon, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Greenville)
1232. Tracy Edwards, MD, Pathology (Johns Island)
1233. Judith Burgis, MD, OB/GYN (Columbia)
1234. Lauren Visserman, MD, Family Medicine (Charleston)
1235. Margaret Miller, MD, Family Medicine (Charleston)
1236. Erin Dickert, MD, Maternal Fetal Medicine (Simpsonville)
1237. Gregory Perron, MD, Family Medicine (Mt Pleasant)
1238. Louise Lochrane Grant, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
1239. Carla Roberts, MD, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology (Columbia)
1240. Camilo Mateus, MD, Internal Medicine & Psychiatry (Greenville)
1241. Allison, McCrae, MD, Surgery (Sullivans Island)
1242. Joseph Reardon, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
1243. Marshall Murphy, MD, Anesthesiology (Anderson)
1244. Rashmi Chandra, MD, Internal Medicine (Anderson)
1245. Long Huynh-Duc, DO, Rheumatology (Greenville)
1246. Sabrina Archibald, DO, Pediatrics (Charleston)
1247. Jonathan Wright, MD, Anesthesiology (Simpsonville)
1248. Paige Gault, MD, Endocrinology (Simpsonville)
1249. John Montgomery, MD, Emergency Medicine (Lexington)
1250. Brent McCarragher, MD, Radiology (Fulton)
1251. Richard Philipp, MD, Family Medicine (Greenwood)
1252. Aaron Collins, MD, EM (Greenville)
1253. Chris, Troup, MD, Pediatric Neurosurgery (Greenville)
1254. Lisa Green, MD, OBGYN (Greenville)
1255. Sara Nelson, MD, Family Medicine (Columbia)
1256. Eric Williams, MD, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (Columbia)
1257. Heather Allen, MD, Radiation Oncology (Spartanburg)
1258. Stephen Briggs, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Piedmont)
1259. Nicole Powell, DO, Family Medicine (Florence)
1260. Cindy Oliva, MD, Emergency Medicine (Mount Pleasant)
1261. Azim Surka, MD, Pulmonary Critical Care (Greenville)
1262. Richard Sedlak, MD, Anesthesiology (Greenville)
1263. Chris McCrae, MD, Emergency Medicine (Sullivans Island)
1264. Karen Fountain, MD, Radiation Oncology (Greenville)
1265. John R. Sanders, MD, Orthopedic Surgery, ret. (Greenville)
1266. Jeffrey Jarin, MD, Family Medicine (Duncan)
1267. Rose Marie McDonald, MD, Family Practice (Clemson)
1268. Taylor Kassiotis, DO, Pediatrics (Johns Island)
1269. Emily Rountree, MD, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (Mount Pleasant)
1270. Patrick Williams, MD, Emergency Medicine (Charleston)
1271. Joshua Arenth, MD, Pediatric Critical Care (Charleston)
1272. Stuart Simko, MD, Pediatrics (Greer)
1273. Kelly Havig-lipke, MD, Pediatrics (Mount Pleasant)
1274. Alex Gleason, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
1275. Steven Getz, MD, Anesthesiology (Greenville)
1276. Kurt Ellenberger, MD, Pediatrics (Beaufort)
1277. Anthony Zamcho, MD, Internal Medicine (Irmo)
1278. Stephen Van Horn, MD, Cardiology (Columbia)
1279. David Smith, MD, OBGYN (Mount Pleasant)
1280. Julie McSwain, MD, Anesthesiology (Mount Pleasant)
1281. Mary Hart Bryan, MD, Geriatric Psychiatry (Mount Pleasant)
1282. Anna Leavitt, MD, Pediatrics (Pendleton)
1283. Joel Sirianni, MD, Anesthesiology (Mount Pleasant)
1284. Tina Nguyen, MD, Pediatrics (Charleston)
1285. Gabrielle Fisher, MD, Pediatric Anesthesiology (Mount Pleasant)
1286. Sylvia Wilson, MD, Anesthesiology (Mount Pleasant)
1287. James Ravenel, MD, Radiology (Johns Island)
1288. Loren Francis, MD, Anesthesiology (Charleston)
1289. Catherine Tobin, MD, Anesthesiology (Mount Pleasant)
1290. Grayce Davis, MD, Anesthesiology (Charleston)
1291. Katie Wittwer, MD, Palliative Care (Greenville)
1292. Renuka George, MD, Anesthesiology (Charleston)
1293. Savannah Hurt, MD, Anesthesiology (Charleston)
1294. Carlee Clark, MD, Anesthesiology (Charleston)
1295. Rosemarie Di Peppi, DO, Pediatrics (Orangeburg)
1296. Danny Gorver, MD, Internal Medicine (Greenville)
1297. Neha Hudepohl, MD, Psychiatry (Greenville)
1298. Frank Clark, MD, Psychiatry (Simpsonville)
1299. Jon Doherty, MD, Anesthesiology (Simpsonville)
1300. Elizabeth Donahue, MD, Pediatrics (Columbia)
1301. Natalie Barnett, MD, Anesthesiology (Mount Pleasant)
1302. Shilpa Shivakumar, MD, Pediatrics (Columbia)
1303. Kristen Adams, MD, Pathology (Columbia)
1304. Jessica Obeysekare, MD, Psychiatry (Greer)
1305. Maria Yared, MD, Anesthesiology (Charleston)
1306. Steve Saunders, MD, Internal Medicine (Simpsonville)
1307. Brenda Alvarado, MD, Pediatrics (Charleston)
1308. Birju Shah, DO, Gastroenterology (Fort Mill)
1309. Julie Kinsman, MD, Family Medicine (Greer)
1310. Patricia Roland, MD, Anesthesiology (Charleston)
1311. Lara Lambert, MD, Pulmonology (Charleston)
1312. David Giovanni, MD, Internal Medicine (Columbia)
1313. Judith Treadway, MD, Psychiatry (Beaufort)
1314. Charles Reamy, MD, Psychiatry (Hilton Head Island)
1315. Stephanie Turner, MD, Ophthalmology (Greenwood)
1316. Allan Turner, MD, Nephrology (Greenwood)
1317. Kellie Bishop, MD, Psychiatry (Hilton Head Island)
1318. Pratik Mehta, MD, Family Medicine (Fort Mill)
1319. Michael Lugo, MD, Pediatrics (Charleston)
1320. Tareq Haidary, MD, Family Medicine – Hospitalist (Columbia)
1321. Joy Blanton Scurry, MD, Family Medicine (Gilbert)
1322. Christian Richey, MD, Family Medicine (Greer)
1323. Dawn Zellner, MD, Emergency Medicine (Landrum)
1324. Shana Egge, MD, Pediatrics (Spartanburg)
1325. Scott Richardson, MD, Gastroenterology (Rock Hill)
1326. Amir Rezk, MD, Gastroenterology (Fort Mill)
1327. Deanna Cotter, MD, Family Medicine (Piedmont)
1328. Locke Simons, MD, Family Medicine (Greenwood)
1329. Jane Kelly, MD, Internal Medicine (Folly Beach)
1330. Helmut Albrecht, MD, Internal Medicine – Infectious Disease (Columbia)
1331. Jason Stacy, MD, Family Medicine – Sports Medicine (Columbia)
1332. John Cotter, MD, Family Medicine (Piedmont)
1333. Deborah Stuck, MD, Family Medicine (Winnsboro)
1334. Sewell Kahn, MD, Nephrology (Charleston)
1335. James Wells, MD, Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery (Columbia)
1336. Brian Wood, MD, Neonatology (Spartanburg)
1337. Edward Katemba, MD, Family Medicine (Boiling Springs)
1338. Robert Lane, MD, Internal Medicine – Hospitalist (Greenville)
1339. Amanda Stratton, MD, Emergency Medicine (Columbia)
1340. Arlesia Jones, DO, Family Medicine – Urgent Care (Greer)
1341. Gareth McGee, DO, Surgery (Spartanburg)
1342. Samuel Gacha, MD, Internal Medicine (Spartanburg)
1343. Cliff Bowers, DO, Family Medicine (Duncan)
1344. Kyle Arthur, MD, Sports Medicine/Primary Care (Lexington)
1345. Vinay Patidar, MD, Family Medicine (Greenville)
1346. Bret Garretson, MD, Gastroenterology (Rock Hill)
1347. Tracy MacPhersonMD, Pediatrics (Orangeburg)
1348. Jeffrey Ruggieri, MD, Neonatology (Greenville)
1349. Ashley Wiggins, MD, Family Medicine (Lexington)
1350. Richard Wrangler, MD, Proctology (Lexington)
1351. John Schenck, MD, Endocrinology (Spartanburg)
1352. Michael Comer, MD, Family Medicine (West Columbia)
1353. Justin Moll, MD, Pediatrics (Simpsonville)
1354. William Grimes, MD, Family Medicine (Columbia)
1355. Angela Young, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
1356. Hannah Hulsey, MD, Pediatrics (West Columbia)
1357. Christopher VanPelt, MD, Spinal Surgery (Greenville)
1358. Adrian Garofoli, MD, Hospitalist (Fort Mill)
1359. Trevor Slone, DO, Emergency Medicine (Simpsonville)
1360. Beth Renwick, MD, Emergency Medicine (Winnsboro)
1361. David Cook, MD, Emergency Medicine (Charleston)
1362. Brenna Brucker, MD, Emergency Medicine (West Columbia)
1363. Jessica Schaberl, DO, Emergency Medicine (Chapin)
1364. Nirlep Patel, MD, Internal Medicine (Simpsonville)
1365. Brittany Woodard, DO, Family Medicine (Boiling Springs)
1366. Benjamin Rosebrock, DO, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
1367. Rebecca Smith, MD, Family Medicine (Greenville)
1368. Rosana Laborde, MD, Pediatrics (Spartanburg)
1369. Megan Ingley, MD, Pediatrics (North Augusta)
1370. Elizabeth Martinez, DO, Psychiatry (Greenville)
1371. Lauren Smith, MD, Pediatrics (Augusta)
1372. Nalin Srivastava, MD, Cardiology (Spartanburg)
1373. Suzy Kim, MD, Gastroenterology (Greenville)
1374. Amy Dietrich, MD, Pediatrics (Charleston)
1375. Jeff Dietrich, MD, Allergy & Immunology (Charleston)
1376. Hampton Alford, MD, Internal Medicine (Columbia)
1377. Gretchen Mathias, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
1378. Elizabeth Alford, MD, Psychiatry (Columbia)
1379. Monica Taylor, MD, Pediatrics (Okatie)
1380. Michael Humeniuk, MD, Hematology & Oncology (Spartanburg)
1381. Angelica Soberon-Cesar, MD, Physiatry (Greenville)
1382. Raymond Reiser, MD, Pediatrics (Myrtle Beach)
1383. Kay Durst, MD, Family Medicine (Charleston)
1384. Jenny Knight, MD, Pathology (Greenville)
1385. Tejaskumar Shah, MD, Cardiology (Fort Mill)
1386. John Benjamin DiNovo, MD, Family Medicine – Palliative Care (Columbia)
1387. James Feiste, MD, Pediatrics (Clemson)
1388. Cale Davis, MD, Emergency Medicine (Lexington)
1389. Kelli Johnston, DO, Pediatrics (Johns Island)
1390. Subba Rao, MD, Psychiatry (Columbia)
1391. Matthew Barnes, MD, Gastroenterology (Greenville)
1392. Kristin Black, MD, Family Medicine (Lancaster)
1393. David Ike, MD, Cardiology (Spartanburg)
1394. Hong Bui, MD, Pediatrics (Rock Hill)
1395. Michael Dorrity, MD, Emergency Medicine (Charleston)
1396. Mark Dean, MD, Orthopedics (Beaufort)
1397. David Koontz, MD, Internal Medicine (Greenville)
1398. Kyle Prusso, DC, Chiropractic (Simpsonville)
1399. Saumya Mehta, MD, Family Medicine (Fort Mill)
1400. Stephen Daniel, MD, Hospitalist (Greenville)
1401. Chris Dixon, DC, Chiropractor (Charleston)
1402. Kerisea McPherson, MD, Internal Medicine (Greer)
1403. Chitra Nathan, MD, MPH, Nephrologist (Simpsonville)
1404. Elisabeth Rainey, MD, Psychiatry (Greenville)
1404. Penelope Galbraith, MD, Radiology (Fort Mill)
1405. Christopher Gainey, MD, Emergency Medicine (Columbia)
1406. Cynthia Kolb, MD, OB/GYN (Sullivans Island)
1407. William Gerard, MD, Emergency Medicine (Chapin)
1408. Karlene Shirley, MD, Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics (Charleston)
1409. Nick Patel, MD, Internal Medicine (Columbia)
1410. Tracy Voss, MD, Internal Medicine (Columbia)
1411. Monica Ansani, MD, Internal Medicine (Columbia)
1412. Charles Harmon, MD, Surgery (Lexington)
1413. Jason Barber, MD, Hospital medicine (Blythewood)
1414. Elizabeth Hipp, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
1415. Lena Sandifer, MD, Pediatrics (Pawleys Island)
1416. Brittany Peters, MD, Psychiatry (Chapin)
1417. Zahid Ali, MD, Cardiology (Greenville)
1418. Sana Azami, MD, Internal Medicine (Greenville)
1419. Bryan Mozingo, MD, Psychiatry (Columbia)
1420. George Durst, MD, Family Medicine (Sullivans Island)
1421. Amanda Burnette, MD, Family Medicine (Florence)
1422. Stuart Reynolds, MD, Critical Care (Greer)
1423. Robin Go, MD, Allergy & Immunology (Spartanburg)
1424. Megan Nagle, DO, Psychiatry (Blythewood)
1425. Caroline Dy-Go, MD, Pediatrics (Spartanburg)
1426. Brian Jakubowicz, MD, Pain Management (Greenville)
1427. Rico Aragon, MD, Family Medicine (Greenville)
1428. Vernon Anderson, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
1429. Bobbie Blake, MD, OBGYN (Greenville)
1430. David Guirao, MD, Internal Medicine (Greer)
1431. Kyu-Hi Lee, MD, PhD, Pediatrics (Mount Pleasant)
1432. Patricia Onuegbu, MD, Pediatrics (Greenville)
1433. Eugene Smith, MD, Psychiatry (Moore)
1434. Laurel Weston, MD, Psychiatry (Moore)
1435. Larry Kibler, MD, Cardiology (Mount Pleasant)
1436. Scott Porter, MD, Orthopedic Surgery (Simpsonville)
1437. Charles Holladay, MD, Hematology & Oncology (Mount Pleasant)
1438. Ed McNellis, MD, ENT (Isle of Palms)
1439. Bonnie Dellinger, MD, Emergency Medicine (Charleston)
1440. Kyle Bennett, MD, Internal Medicine (Greenville)
1441. Francis Acalar, MD, Pediatrics (Florence)
1442. Alfonso Sangtian, MD, FAAP, Pediatrics (Myrtle Beach)
1443. Zenaida Candela, MD, Pediatrics (Bennettsville)
1444. Joseph Acaylar, MD, Family Medicine (Florence)
1445. Anthony Lau, MD, Family Medicine (Anderson)
1446. Laura Shapiro, DMD, Pediatric Dentistry (Mount Pleasant)
1447. Barbara Rowland, MD, OBGYN (Rock Hill)
1448. Katharyn Ouzts, MD, Child Psychiatry (Mount Pleasant)
1449. Leon Buffaloe Jr. MD, Internal Medicine (Simpsonville)
1450. Terry Levenson, MD, OBGYN (Conway)
1451. John Bushkar, MD, Emergency Medicine (Mount Pleasant)
1452. Katherine Dhamarsi, MD, Pediatrics (Charleston)
1453. Ann Marie Edwards, MD, Pediatrics (Spartanburg)
1454. Reed Mathias, MD, Internal Medicine (Simpsonville)
1455. Lidia Baldea, MD, Internal Medicine (Simpsonville)
1456. Christopher McCarthy, MD, Family Medicine (Spartanburg)
1457. Adrienne Bruce, MD, Pediatric Neurology (Greenville)
1458. Rula Shalabi, DMD, Pediatric Dentistry (Greenville)
1459. Renu Bhatia, MD, Psychiatry (Greenville)
1460. Luis Chastain, MD, Family Medicine (Georgetown)
1461. Sheena Gamble, DO, OBGYN (Greer)
1462. Diane Lai, MD, Pediatrics (Columbia)
1463. Edward Heidtman, MD, OBGYN (Greenville)
1464. Mark Ward, MD, Internal Medicine (Spartanburg)
1465. Jeffrey Jarin, MD, Family Medicine (Duncan)
1466. James Brown, MD, Internal Medicine (Spartanburg)
1467. Jaime Brown, MD, Pediatrics (Inman)
1468. Brian Fowler, MD, Internal Medicine (Spartanburg)
1469. Ajai Srinivasan, MD, Surgery (Spartanburg)
1470. Grant Warren, MD, OBGYN (Spartanburg)
1471. Amy Crockett, MD, OBGYN/Matrnal-Fetal Medicine (Piedmont)
1472. John Maize, Jr. MD, Dermatology (Mount Pleasant)
1473. Marcella Tabor, DO, Family Medicine (Mount Pleasant)
1474. Elizabeth Christian, MD, Oncology (Charleston)
1475. William Finn, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greer)
1476. William Simpson, MD, Family Medicine (Charleston)
1477. Joy Ellenberger, OD, Optometry (North Augusta)
1478. Katee Castleman, MD, Family Medicine (Spartanburg)
1479. Ryan Brown, MD, Emergency Medicine (Greenville)
1480. Taylor Haines, DO, Family Medicine (Anderson)
1481. Stanley Hassinger, MD, Emergency Medicine (Chapin)
1482. Jaqui Jones, MD, Family Medicine (Columbia)
1483. Neill Herring, MD, Pediatrics (Mount Pleasant)
1484. Pamela Crawford, MD, Psychiatry (Columbia)
1485. Melissa Evans, MD, Pediatric Critical Care (Charleston)
1486. Rhodes Short, MD, Pediatrics (Charleston)
1487. Marta Hampton, MD, Dermatology (Charleston)
1488. Archibald Hampton, MD, Infectious Disease (Charleston)
1489. Ryan Kalinsky, MD, Hematology & Oncology (Mount Pleasant)