The SFMTA Must Expedite the Rollout of Speed Cameras

SFMTA Board of Directors and SF Board of Supervisors

A speed camera on a pole with palm trees and a street light behind.
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Immediate Action for Safer Streets in San Francisco!

Traffic fatalities on San Francisco streets are not just numbers; they are our neighbors, friends, and family. Every preventable death is a stark reminder that urgent action is needed. With San Francisco having identified its high-risk zones and the undeniable effectiveness of speed cameras, delays in their implementation are both tragic and unjustifiable. This petition seeks to push SFMTA to accelerate its rollout plans, ensuring that safety measures are in place swiftly. By signing, you're not only demanding safety but also asserting the city's responsibility towards its residents. Add your voice, stand up for safety, and join us in urging for immediate action. Your signature could save lives.

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To: SFMTA Board of Directors and SF Board of Supervisors
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I write to you as a concerned resident of San Francisco, deeply troubled by the continuous and tragic traffic fatalities occurring on our streets. The recent passing of bill AB645 by the California legislature is a critical and timely measure to address the pressing need for traffic safety in our city. I was disheartened to learn from SF Chronicle’s recent report that the SFMTA plans to spend the entirety of 2024 merely assessing the placement of these speed cameras.

Every year, San Francisco witnesses approximately 30 traffic fatalities. Each one represents not just a number but a person – a family member, a friend, a neighbor, lost due to preventable circumstances. This statistic becomes even more poignant when we consider that we already have identified the high injury network in our city. It is clear that action can and should be taken immediately, utilizing the data that we already possess.

I understand the importance of thorough research and proper assessment. However, waiting over a year to initiate action, especially when lives are at stake, is not just inefficient but also morally indefensible. The SFMTA must release a detailed breakdown of implementation steps to the public: what is required by law, what is optional, and what the SFMTA Board and the SFBOS could do to shorten the timeline. I urge you to direct SFMTA to cut their timeline in half, so the first speed safety camera protects our streets by July 2024.

Getting speed cameras on our streets sooner will not only uphold the core mission of the SFMTA to ensure safety but will also save countless lives by acting decisively. The residents of San Francisco deserve safe streets as soon as possible, not in 2025.

I urge the SFMTA to shorten its timeline for the rollout of speed cameras. Our community cannot afford another year of waiting, hoping, and mourning. Speed cameras are an essential tool in the quest for safer streets, and their immediate deployment can be the difference between life and death for many.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I, along with many residents, hope to see the SFMTA and SFBOS act swiftly in the best interests of our city's safety.