Stand in Unity

Corporate Interests Behind Janus Case

American workers will not be divided by any court case or other attack on our unity. While the billionaires and the corporate interests behind the Janus case use their power and wealth to continue to rig our economy against working people, workers are busy building a movement to rewrite the rules of our economy to create broadly shared prosperity.

Something is happening in America and the Supreme Court can't stop us.

Join us!

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To: Corporate Interests Behind Janus Case
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I pledge to continue to stand in unity and support union rights in the face of political attacks. Solidarity is our strength! Unions bring a necessary balance to our economy by putting a check on corporate power and greed.

At a time when our democracy and economy are rigged to overwhelmingly favor the wealthy, America needs unions now more than ever so our middle class can thrive.

I stand with the Wisconsin AFL-CIO and recommit to fight on behalf of America’s workers.