Show DCPS educators appreciation and stand with them in demanding they receive their retroactive salary increases when they were promised!


In late 2022, DCPS and the WTU, the union for DCPS educators, approved a contract that would replace their previous agreement that was over three years expired. It was approved with the promise that DCPS educators would be paid retroactively for the years they saw no salary increases, as well as receive new hard-to-fill position stipends and bonuses by May 19, 2023. Now DCPS has said they cannot pay educators what they are owed on the previously agreed upon timeline. This continues a long-standing pattern of behavior where DCPS does not pay educators for work they have already done, including payment for summer school, class coverage, credit recovery, tuition reimbursement, as well as approving sick and parental leave.

Timeline of Events

September 2019- Previous contract expired, leaving educators without a cost of living or salary increase for over 3 years

December 2023- DCPS and the WTU approved a new contract for DCPS educators, after almost going to arbitration

March 2023- DCPS educators began receiving salary increases

May 8, 2023- DCPS educators were told the city cannot process the full amount of retroactive salary increases as promised and instead will send small amounts to educators on this day, but won’t send the remainder until almost a month later, on June 16. They also won’t pay hard-to-fill position stipends and bonuses until after the school year is over, with no specific date given.

Please sign this petition, pass it on to your network, and join us before school on Thursday, May 18 at a rally in one of four locations around the city! Meet us at the Waterfront, Anacostia, Benning Road, and Columbia Heights Metro at 7am to stand up and show your support for DCPS educators!

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Show DCPS educators the appreciation they deserve! Please pay DCPS educators what they were promised when they approved their new contract! They have waited long enough for the salary increases, bonuses and stipends they are owed and should still be paid by May 19, 2023.