Stand with FSO

MTA Board Negotiating Team

Your Field Services Organization needs your support!

The MTA Board Negotiating Team, your bargaining team, brought to the table a proposal to increase the length of our salary schedule from five steps to seventeen steps and to reduce the starting salary by 30%. They are also refusing to address FSO's priority issues of workload and racial justice.

A common refrain in the labor movement is that unions begin to emulate the “industries” that they represent. In this case, MTA chose to mirror the worst of the school committees, colleges and universities we help you organize and fight back against.
Please help us by telling the MTA to do the right thing. We need you to sign on to the statement below!

In solidarity,

Field Services Organization

Sponsored by
Quincy, MA

To: MTA Board Negotiating Team
From: [Your Name]

​We ask our bargaining team, the MTA Board Negotiating Team, to uphold our union values by doing the following:

-Withdraw our proposal that extends the salary schedule to 17 steps and reduces the beginning salary.

-Address the serious issue of workload, which is necessary to best serve the needs of MTA locals and members.

-Address the FSO’s proposals on racial justice including setting aside money to train staff to support our locals as they engage in anti-racist work.

-Settle a fair contract that respects the work our Field Services Organization (FSO) staff does.

It is important that as MTA members we support the same standards we seek for our own members.