Stand with Survivors

Pennsylvania State Senators

Pennsylvania State Senator Daylin Leach is credibly accused of sexual misconduct and the rape of a seventeen year-old.

We've forced PA Senate Democrats to open an investigation into these allegations, but it's on us to make sure that the investigation is timely, has teeth, and ends with his removal from office.

Take action and tell your senator to sign the pledge calling for his removal from office and for the institution of a proactive, survivor-centered senate policy addressing sexual misconduct.

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Philadelphia, PA

To: Pennsylvania State Senators
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For too long, women’s stories have gone unheard.

We stand with women who have experienced sexual misconduct. There is no room for sexism in our government or the workplace.

The time to listen and act is well overdue; the victims of Senator Daylin Leach deserve justice.

The investigation into his actions is a first step towards accountability, but we need more.

As your constituents, and as allies to survivors, we demand that you sign the Accountability PA pledge and promise to:

1) call for the immediate resignation of Senator Daylin Leach;

2) vote for the removal of Daylin Leach from his judiciary committee minority chairmanship, for his censure, and for his removal from office; and

3) pledge to take an active role in creating, supporting, and sustaining a formal, survivor-informed, and proactive code of protections from sexual misconduct for interns, staff, and elected officials in the Pennsylvania State Senate.