Elon Musk, stop defending Trump's racism

Elon Musk

UPDATE: Musk now appears to be flip-flopping on the Muslim ban. Keep up the pressure!

FURTHER UPDATE: Musk has come around, and is now opposing the ban. Great work! But there's more work to do. Musk is still supporting Trump's disastrous Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, and Musk is still remaining a member of two key Trump manufacturing councils. Keep the pressure on, corporate leaders need to take a stand against Donald Trump.


Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk just defended Donald Trump's horrifically un-American executive order banning Muslims from a number of countries from entering the US.

This comes on the heels of news that last Friday, the day the anti-Muslim executive order was signed, Musk signed up as a member of Trump's "manufacturing council."

And the day before that, we find out that Musk is supporting Trump's Secretary of State nominee, Rex Tillerson, who is not only in the pocket of Bil Oil, but also Big Putin.

And then today we find out that Trump may be preparing to sign an anti-LGBT executive order.

Is this really the administration Elon Musk wants to hitch his electric wagon to?

Enough is enough. Sign the petition. Tell Elon Musk to stop defending Trump's racism -- it's time to dump Trump.

Musk needs to repudiate his sickening comments in defense of Trump's Muslim ban, and then pull out of Trump's manufacturing council.

Here is Tesla's tweet today, defending the Muslim ban and bashing "the left":

Discrimination and bigotry are un-American. Tesla and Musk should know better. This is the worst time to be supporting Donald Trump, and this is the worst issue to be doing it on.

Sign the petition, tell Elon Musk to stop defending Trump's racism. It's time for Musk to dump Trump.

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Donald Trump's Muslim ban is bigoted and un-American. Stop defending Trump, pull out of Trump's manufacturing council.