Stop State Legislature's Efforts to #BlockTheBallot

House Speaker Ryan Smith and Senate President Larry Obhof

Add your name to our petition to stop House Joint Resolution 19! Then, call House Speaker Ryan Smith at (614) 466-1366 and ask him not to limit direct democracy in Ohio.

Here's a a guide for what to say when you call:

“Hello, my name is ___________. I am calling Speaker Ryan Smith to inform him that I aim to protect my right to directly engage in our democracy. I am one, in a long list of people across that state, that are coming together to urge the Speaker Ryan Smith to say NO to House Joint Resolution 19.”

Petition by
Nazek Hapasha
Columbus, Ohio

To: House Speaker Ryan Smith and Senate President Larry Obhof
From: [Your Name]

Dear Speaker Smith and President Obhof,

We believe in direct democracy. Citizens like me have been using ballot initiatives for over a century in our state.

By making it more difficult to bring policies directly to our representatives through the ballot, Ohioans will be harder pressed to take action on issues that elected officials might ignore or be unable to solve. We urge Speaker Smith and President Obhof to not make it more difficult for grassroots activists to engage directly with our democracy

HJR 19 will keep Ohioans like us out of the process and actually make ballot initiatives even more vulnerable to the influence of outside special interests.

I ask you not to restrict Ohio’s participatory government and to stop pursuit of this bill.