Stop Keystone XL: Protect the Water, Commit to Peaceful Resistance!

Pledge to Protect Land and Water from Pipelines


With the active push to build Keystone XL, Kinder Morgan, Enbridge Line 3, and Dakota Access, new pipelines across North America are trampling Indigenous rights, threatening to poison the drinking water of millions, and rendering our climate commitments worthless. Everyday for the last several years we’ve fought to stop these projects and kept tar sands in the ground. We’re going to keep stopping them.

Join the Pledge to Protect Land and Water and commit to engage in peaceful, creative resistance to these multiple projects when the call is put out by frontline communities to help stop these pernicious Black Snakes.

If we come together as one unstoppable force, we can put the brakes on construction, challenge pipeline funding, and stop new pipelines in the courts and on the land.

Add your name to join the peaceful resistance.

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I stand with over 120 First Nations and Tribes fighting tar sands expansion from coast to coast of North America. I do not consent to pipelines that will poison the water, trample Indigenous sovereignty, and stand in the way of climate action. Together, we will fight to stop all new fossil fuel projects and transition to the 100% renewable future we need. I pledge to do my part by signing this petition to ensure we stop these pipelines and keep the water, air, and climate safe for this generation and the next.