Stop NJ Transit Gas Power Plant — Support the Renewable Alternative

Governor Murphy

Urge Governor Murphy to STOP the NJ Transit Fracked Gas Power Plant and SUPPORT a clean renewable alternative!

The climate crisis means getting off fossil fuels — not doubling down on the dirty energy that is causing the problem in the first place.

The NJ Transit Power Plant would operate in an area that already has a failing grade from the American Lung Association for dangerous levels of smog (air pollution). Constructing this power plant is repeating the historical pattern of placing unfair environmental burdens on communities of color. This directly contradicts Governor Murphy's executive order to promote environmental justice.

The fracked gas power plant would be paid for by taxpayers, including a Superstorm Sandy fund. NJ Transit was hit hard by Sandy, but how could anyone think the "solution" to the problem is to build a big fracked gas power plant in the flood-prone Meadowlands?

Let's hold Governor Murphy accountable for his promises to fight for New Jersey's healthy, prosperous and renewable energy future.

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Governor Murphy, stop the taxpayer-funded NJ Transit Fracked Gas Power Plant in the Kearny Meadowlands and support a renewable alternative!