For $300, anyone can find out exactly where you are


For as little as $300, an investigative reporter was able to hire a bounty hunter to track down the exact location of his cell phone in real time. If you're wondering how this could possibly happen, the answer is simple ... because cell phone companies are selling this data, and it's being re-sold over and over again.

This incredible disregard for personal information could put your identity, your finances and even your safety in danger.  Just imagine what a stalker, an abusive ex, or anyone with an ax to grind might do with this sensitive data.

Several senators have called for an investigation into this matter, but we all know that Ajit Pai and the telecom companies will be pushing hard to make sure that doesn't happen. So add your name to our petition and tell lawmakers: "My cell phone company should not be able to sell my location or my personal data. Congress and the FCC should investigate this immediately."

This used to be illegal

In 2016, the FCC adopted broadband privacy rules to give consumers increased choice, transparency, and security over their personal data. Rules such as these would have helped prevent cell phone companies from selling your real-time location.  And these rules would have given consumers like you the ability to hold telecom companies accountable for committing dangerous privacy abuses.

But in 2017, Congress made the outrageous decision to gut these important protections, allowing Comcast, Verizon, AT&T and others to allow those companies to monitor, collect, store, and sell information about our online and mobile activity to the highest bidder.

At the time, internet activists and tech reporters warned that cell phone companies and big telecoms would be able to track your movement, reveal your salary and purchasing patterns, and identify your religious beliefs. Congress ignored these warnings and repealed the broadband privacy rules anyway, so here we are.

Tell Congress & the FCC: "Protect my privacy!"

You can help stop this scary exploitation of your personal information and reestablish important privacy protections for all Americans. This should be illegal.

Sign our petition and demand that Congress and the FCC investigate the continued sale and abuse of our sensitive, personal data.

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We are outraged that telecoms are selling our personal information without our knowledge or consent. This personal information can be used by anyone to track our location in real time, which is a gross violation of our right to privacy.

We demand that the FCC investigate this matter immediately, and that Congress takes action to ensure this abuse of our personal data and is illegal going forward.