Sign the Petition: Stop the California Wildfire Tax

California Lawmakers, Governor Brown


Today we want to tell you about PG&E’s efforts in the State Capitol to pass the cost of wildfires on to you -- PG&E ratepayers -- to pay for the wildfire damages.

Earlier this month, legislative leaders of the Assembly and Senate appointed a conference committee to consider changes to California law which would make it easier for PG&E to pass on the cost of wildfires to its ratepayers. The conference committee is expected to do its work this month, while the legislature is on summer break. Legislation that is recommended by the conference committee must be voted on by the Legislature during the month of August, before the Legislature concludes its current session.

Now is the time to make your voice heard.

Please call, write or email your legislators and Governor Brown today.  Tell them you oppose this effort by the California Legislature to allow PG&E to pass the costs of these wildfires and future wildfires onto you. Demand transparency and a public process. Tell your legislators and the Governor to debate this legislation in public, to hold public hearings, and to allow the public an opportunity to review and comment on the legislation before they vote on it.

To: California Lawmakers, Governor Brown
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PG&E has a long history of causing poisoning, explosions, and fires in our local communities, including Hinkley, Kettleman City, San Bruno, Sacramento and others. PG&E is a convicted felon and was on criminal probation at the time of the October wildfires. Why would anyone in Sacramento consider making its easier for PG&E to get away with this behavior?

Electrical equipment is now one of the three leading causes of wildfires in the State of California.

Please do not allow PG&E and other public utilities to pass the costs of wildfires to the ratepayers. Weakening the law means that electric utilities will have no incentive to meet their legal responsibilities to maintain their equipment and trim vegetation to keep our communities safe.