Stop the GOP’s reckless “balanced budget” scheme

United States Congress

Congress is on the brink of abandoning its fundamental responsibility to govern -- and risks throwing our entire democracy and economy out of balance in the process.

Last year, Republicans blew up the budget deficit by massively cutting taxes for the wealthiest Americans. Now, they’re trying to force massive spending cuts to match with a so-called “Balanced Budget Amendment” (BBA).

Passing it would force cuts to important programs like Social Security, Medicare, and other essential programs everyday Americans rely on. And it would hurt working families by sabotaging our economy -- and making recessions slump deeper and last longer.

More importantly, it would let our broken Congress pass the buck on their constitutional responsibility to pass a budget -- putting federal judges in charge of spending decisions that are supposed to be left to our elected representatives.

We deserve better than this reckless political scheme. Tell your lawmakers to vote NO on the GOP’s “balanced budget” scheme.

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Vote against a “Balanced Budget Amendment” that would upend our constitutional system of government, hurt working families, and limit our government’s ability to respond in emergencies.