Stop Trump's Climate Denying FERC Nominee!

United States Senate

Donald Trump has nominated Bernard McNamee - a deeply unqualified, republican-hack, and climate-denier - to fill the vacant Republican seat at the Federal Energy Regulatory commission (FERC). The Senate is moving at "warp speed" to ram this latest dastardly, destructive nomination through.

Let's be perfectly clear: We think any nominee is a bad idea, because preserving the deadlock at FERC – where the two remaining Democrats are often at odds with the two remaining Republicans – is our best chance at stopping new pipelines and other fossil fuel infrastructure projects.

But even allowing that we don't want anybody to be confirmed, McNamee is worth fighting.

To: United States Senate
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President Trump’s nominee to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) –- Bernard McNamee -- is obviously part of a plan to ram through more fossil fuels when we can no longer afford them. And FERC's Republican majority is clearly complicit.

Trump’s political allies are trying to sneak through this appointment at "warp speed", without due consideration of its lasting impact on our climate or communities.

While we think any nominee is a bad idea -- because FERC is a deeply flawed agency that must be torn down and remade before we can make real progress towards solving the climate crisis -- we also believe that McNamee is a horrible choice to be a FERC commissioner and you must vote NO on his nomination.