Stop UCF from Automatically Billing Students for Textbooks

President Cartwright and Provost Johnson

UCF is considering a policy change that would allow the bookstore to start automatically charging students for their textbooks when they enroll in a course—without requiring their permission or prior knowledge to do so. This process is called an "opt-out" inclusive access billing system.

Currently, UCF has an "opt-in" system where students can choose to be automatically billed for discounted course materials, but under an opt-out system, students will have no choice before they're billed. Instead, the university and bookstore will send students a bill along with tuition and other fees whether they’re aware of it or not.

UCF is one of the only universities remaining that still has an opt-in policy, yet across the country we are starting to see students and legislators pushing back to get their institutions to STOP AUTOMATICALLY BILLING STUDENTS WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT.

Sign below with a UCF email if you believe that UCF should stay as an opt-in textbook billing system and that the bookstore does not have the right to automatically charge students.

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John Martinous III
Orlando, Saint Croix Island
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To: President Cartwright and Provost Johnson
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We are signing to show opposition to the university adopting an opt-out, automatic textbook billing program. We do not believe that the bookstore should have the right to automatically charge students for educational materials without their explicit consent. We fear that a billing system like this would be predatory towards the student body and gives publishing companies more unnecessary financial power over students.

President Cartwright, when you are presented with the choice on whether or not to adopt an opt-out system, we ask you to to reject it and stay with the current opt-in system instead. Thank you.