Tell The UK Government To Stop Equinor's Rosebank Oil Field

Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak and Energy Security Secretary, Claire Coutinho

The UK government is preparing to approve Norwegian oil giant Equinor's Rosebank oil field - the biggest undeveloped oil field in the North Sea. It’s almost three times the size of Cambo. We have to stop this field. Together we will.

The climate impacts of Rosebank would be catastrophic: the emissions from burning its oil and gas would be more than the annual CO2 emissions of the 28 lowest-income countries combined. In other words, this one UK field would produce more pollution than the world’s 700 million poorest people produce in a whole year.

And Rosebank won’t do anything to lower our energy bills, or make our energy supply safer. In fact, a project like Rosebank is designed to make oil giants even richer at our expense. Rosebank’s developers - including Norwegian oil giant Equinor - stand to get a half billion pound tax break just for going through with the field.

We say: no more. No more tax breaks for oil giants. No more skyrocketing energy bills. No more oil fields that ruin our chances at a liveable future. We’ve seen the effects of 1.1C degrees of global heating - devastating floods across Pakistan, rivers drying up across Europe, and scorching heat in China in the last few months alone. We cannot let it get hotter. Rosebank will only pour more fuel on the fire.

Last year, thousands of people across the world came together and forced Shell to pull out of the development of the Cambo oil field in the North Sea. This year, the industry pushed back with the Jackdaw gas field. Now, it’s time to Stop Rosebank. The biggest field deserves the biggest fight.

Add your voice. Demand the government #StopRosebank.

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To: Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak and Energy Security Secretary, Claire Coutinho
From: [Your Name]

We are calling on you and your government to stop siding with the oil and gas industry and reject the Rosebank oil field, U-turn on Jackdaw, permanently stop Cambo and stop all new oil & gas licensing and development, in line with climate science.

Instead, the UK must deliver a rapid and fair transition to renewables, while supporting affected workers and communities, and stop energy waste by insulating millions of homes to lower soaring bills for good and protect the climate.