Strike the Ban

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Strike the Ban
Madison Area DSA

Abortions are healthcare and a human right.  Wisconsin ranks among the worst states in the United States for abortion access.  We demand that the Wisconsin Legislature repeal the abortion ban and pass the Abortion Rights Preservation Act.

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Abortions are essential to reproductive healthcare and are a human right that should be available to all who demand it.

In 1849, Wisconsin made it a felony to provide an abortion. Since 1973, Wisconsin’s total abortion ban has been unconstitutional and unenforceable, but conservative lawmakers have refused to repeal it. We demand that the State of Wisconsin take affirmative steps to protecting abortions and essential reproductive healthcare.

In February 2021, Senator Roys and Representative Subeck introduced the Abortion Rights Preservation Act (AB 106 and SB 75) which would repeal Wisconsin's unconstitutional abortion criminal statute. Since the bill was introduced, the illegitimate and gerrymandered leadership of the Wisconsin legislature has stalled the act in committee.

We demand that the legislature pass legislation to strike the ban and immediately remove the criminal statute prohibiting abortion. We demand reproductive justice for Wisconsinites who should be able to have an abortion on demand, for whatever reason they choose.