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Our response to climate change requires a rapid and comprehensive shift to a zero-carbon future. DTE Energy continues to rely on fossil fuels like coal and natural gas for two-thirds of their generated power during this climate emergency. As Ann Arbor works to move away from fossil fuels with our 2030 A2Zero carbon-neutrality plan, DTE is moving in the opposite direction by investing billions in natural gas, and plans to rely on coal until 2040. Meanwhile, the company charges rates far above the national average with customers experiencing increasingly frequent outages.

We deserve better for our families, community, environment, and planet. Municipal utilities are allowed by provisions in the State Constitution, statute and Ann Arbor City Charter. Over 40 Michigan communities are served by municipal utilities, including Lansing, Holland, and Traverse City. These communities pay 25% less on average for electricity, and municipal utility customers are likely to be without power for just 74 minutes a year, compared to an average of 136 minutes a year for private utilities.

A municipal utility would replace DTE and give Ann Arbor the ability to generate or purchase 100% renewable energy by 2030. A municipal power system of our own would also allow Ann Arbor to invest in renewable, reliable, affordable power instead of paying dividends to DTE shareholders. And it would treat everyone equally: it would provide reliable, renewable power to all residents, not just those who can install their own rooftop solar panels.

Sign your name and ask Mayor Taylor and Ann Arbor City Council to support a public power feasibility study.

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We, the undersigned Ann Arbor residents, support a city-funded study to determine the feasibility of establishing a municipal electric utility in Ann Arbor, as a way to power our local grid with 100% renewable energy.